New York Shows Blatant Racism in New Mandates

New York’s newly elected governor Kathy Hochul has somehow managed to make COVID-19 even more ridiculous. The Empire State has been leading the nation in absurd, draconian measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates. Now, it is even more absurd regarding COVID-19.

The blue bastion is experiencing the highest coronavirus infected rate in the country. However, while it would be natural to reflect on the failures of their policies by New York’s leaders, they have instead decided to mandate blatant racism when distributing COVID treatments.

You guys, it is not good to judge people solely based on their skin color. What could go wrong?

This is a moral failure. But let’s first look at it logically. What makes this even possible?

The treatment options for COVID are limited. Because of Joe Biden’s ineptitude, there is actually a shortage. New York decided to do the smart thing and give them to everyone.

You might wonder why? A healthy black person, for example, is still just that: a healthy black individual. They are not more susceptible to the coronavirus than a healthy white individual.

New York’s guidelines state that only limited treatments will be offered to healthy black people. Whites must show they have an underlying condition. This is simply racist and dangerous.

The point is not that healthy white individuals should receive monoclonal antibody treatment. It’s actually the reverse. It is not right to give insufficient treatment to people of all races. This will reduce the availability of treatments and increase the chance that there won’t be any for someone with serious risk factors.

New York isn’t concerned about properly managing COVID treatment. Instead, New York’s insane leadership sees the coronavirus as another opportunity to virtue signal about “social justice.” What would be the reaction? You should not be surprised that this is exactly what New York does here.

It’s not difficult to do, even though the far-left wants it to be so. In determining who is at the greatest risk for COVID, it should not be based on age, obesity, autoimmune disorders, or diabetes. It shouldn’t be necessary to tell you, but being Hispanic or black is not a preexisting condition. It is incredibly disgusting and imprudent to pretend it is.