AOC vs. Hillary Clinton in 2024?

Kamala Harris and Old Joe Biden are already bad enough. But Dick Morris, a former Clinton advisor, thinks it will get worse. Morris believes 2024 will see a showdown between Hillary Clinton (D-Mean Girls), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D -Mean Girls), for the Democratic presidential nomination. Grab your popcorn and the Xanax.

The incumbents are often damaged goods, as everyone knows. Old Joe is a person nobody likes. He will be around 120 years old by 2024 if he makes it that far. Kamala Harris has spectacularly failed at one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Hillary has been more obvious recently in positioning herself to be a 2024 candidate, while Ocasio Cortez, the charming Ocasio-Cortez, turns 35 on October 13, 2024.

Morris believes that Hillary’s recent attacks against AOC and Squad are a sign of a fight between them for the Democratic presidential nomination. He explained that “I’ve always believed that you can tell if Hillary’s running again by checking whether she has a pulse — and if so, it’s most likely she is running.” She’s now tanned and rested and is ready to face Trump in 2020. There have been some very clear signs lately that she plans to run. In an interview with MSNBC, she discussed, quote: ‘We need to think clearly and see what it will take to win both the House and Senate.’ She then went on to blame [Rep. Ocasio Cortez] for policies she claimed could threaten the Democratic majorities.

Indeed. Hillary stated recently to MSNBC that “it is a time to think carefully about what wins elections and not just deep blue districts where a Democrat, a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat will win.” We need to be clear about what it takes to hold the House or the Senate in 2022.”

These comments were seen by Morris as both premature and revealing. He observed that it was hard to imagine candidates playing the blame game for elections that haven’t yet occurred. He pointed out that AOC was the one who responded. “Then, it was interesting, AOC replied saying we must enact the… Build Back Better Program, and if we don’t, we’ll lose the midterm elections.”

According to Morris, the 2024 fight would be between two factions: Ocasio Cortez’s younger far Left and Hillary’s old guard.

“So now you have two opposing views about what’s happening. Even though it hasn’t yet, what is going to cause the party’s collapse? Morris said, “I believe that’s predicting a campaign.” They will blame each other and AOC is going to use that to challenge her leadership and suggest she run. That is what I believe Hillary will use to argue that we need a more moderate, rational approach to win. It will create a conflict between Hillary Clinton and AOC for the Democratic nomination. There will be at least two more candidates. Two other candidates will be available for the blacks, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg. I expect a four-way race.

If it came down to Hillary or AOC for the Democratic nomination, Hillary, who is extremely dislikeable and has many negatives, would almost certainly win. However, the establishment media would likely promote Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as the new, fresh face of multicultural America.

Now, just picture what a disaster president Ocasio Cortez would be: “If Xi Jinping’s mad he can’t date me. He can just say that instead. Instead of projecting all his sexual frustrations onto the woke military.” That would be Mean Girls at the Oval Office until the entire freak show collapsed.