New York Man Gets Back at Hamas Hostage Poster Thief

According to the old saying, not all heroes are clad in capes.

They sometimes wear flannel shirts.

This was evident in a recent incident that occurred in New York City. Like many Democrat-run American cities, the antisemitism of woke radical leftists has been exposed in a way never seen before, in the wake of Hamas’s war against Israel. Chants such as “glory to murders”, “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” and “Allahu akbar!” filled the air around the so-called peaceful protesters. The putrid air was filled with chants of “Allahu Akbar!” and “Glory to the murders” around so-called peaceful demonstrators.

Another disturbing thing we have seen happening more and more often is the despicable incidents in which pro-Hamas terrorists in these cities begin tearing down Hamas Hostage posters. These posters are placed around cities with the hope that someone will provide information to anxious and worried family members, friends, and other like-minded allies.

We’re witnessing confrontations on the street as poster-snatching takes place.

The clip below shows a man in a flannel shirt and a person who looks like a friend confronting a man accused of ripping a poster from a street pole.

The lecture that followed was a fervent and passionate defense of the First Amendment. “Flannel Man”, a renowned First Amendment expert, told the poster-thief, who had hung the anti-Israel posters, in no uncertain words, that while he had the right and the duty to display the Palestinian flag and to scream disgusting demands for Israel’s demise, other people had the same right and duty to hang the posters.

At one stage, Flannel Man is pulled from the guy just as he says he would love to have him hospitalized.

Watch (language warning):

On Twitter, Flannel Man was treated as a hero. Many people said that he had given them hope for America.

A Twitter user replied, “This is how you do it.”

“What’s so moving about the clip is that to me it feels like a revival of an old liberal coalition. An inner borough tough man, a Black man, and another worker who defends Jewish Americans,” wrote another.

SweetChefLife1 wrote, “Somedays people don’t stink.” “And good job my dude explaining the 1stAmendment the NYC way you can!” ”

If not now, then when?