Florida Governor Calls Out California Counterpart for Cozying Up to China

California Governor Gavin Newsom is continuing his efforts to be relevant on the national stage and to present himself as an alternative to Joe Biden. Gavin Newsom has moved on from troll-ing a number of red states and is now putting himself in the spotlight internationally with his recent trips to Israel and China.

The media has focused on his visit to China in particular. They have oohed and aahed over the fact that Newsom is rubbing shoulders with the CCP, which they claim solidifies him as an able national leader.

Newsom also received a lot of mockery during his China trip, as creative conservative minds mocked Newsom’s “Glamour Shot” of the Great Wall of China and other photo-ops.

Newsom did himself no favors by the contrasts drawn by his critics. This is what 2024 GOP presidential nominee and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, explained perfectly during a Fox News exchange. Ron DeSantis explains perfectly in a Fox News interview where he confirms that their Fox News debate on November 30th is still going.

DeSantis stated, “I saw him groveling over there with Xi Jinping, and I thought these two guys have locked their people down, violated their rights, imposed medical authoritarianism, and really hurt their society.”

“They both used the exact same COVID-19 playbook.”


DeSantis delivered a similar message to the Daily Mail in an interview:

DeSantis said he was shocked when he learned that Newsom had traveled to China to meet Xi.

The Florida Governor added that both of these lockdowns were very long and restricted people’s abilities to go to work, school, etc.

I know California, because many people fled to Florida due to what he did.

DeSantis’s dunk on Newsom and his comparison of him to Xi Jinping in terms of how they both handled the COVID epidemic in their respective states/countries confirms my belief that DeSantis has already loaded up for their debate next week.

His remarks also reaffirm that COVID-19, and the federal government’s handling and mishandling, is still going to be an issue that is front and center in the GOP primary campaign. He is not willing to just let it go into the night, considering how he feels about how Donald Trump, who is the current frontrunner, handled the crisis during his last year as president – and Trump’s apparent shift in heart regarding how DeSantis himself handled it.

DeSantis’ criticisms of Trump’s handling of COVID were some of the most pointed he has ever made. He noted that Trump “seems like he is saying he will do the same thing again” by the way he praises his work in 2020. DeSantis pointed out that if mistakes were not acknowledged, they would likely be repeated in a future Trump administration.

He seems to be saying that he would do it all over again.

“With me as President, if these circumstances occur, I will have people like @FLSurgeonGen and @DrJBhattacharya around me. I will listen to those who got it right. But we will NEVER repeat the past …”

“I believe there is one major difference between the way he and I look at things. He really enjoys polls. He is very interested in polls. He is obsessed with polling statistics and wants to know if what he does is popular at the moment. I could care less about polls. “When I made decisions in Florida, especially on the front end of COVID I was getting hammered. My public polling was dropping. “A leader has to do the right thing at the end of a long day.”

DeSantis made remarks on Friday and Saturday that were clearly meant for Newsom. But, there was also a message for Trump. It was to let him know the debate over their pandemic managerial styles is not yet over.