Near Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq US Forces Shoot Down Drone

According to a U.S. official in the defense department, American forces intercepted a drone strike on Friday against Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq.

An official said that “early on the morning of 27 October, U.S. The forces engaged in a drone attack that was aimed at a single direction, a few kilometers from the Al-Assad Air Base. They shot and killed it successfully without incident. 

This attack is the twenty-first on U.S. Forces in the Middle East.

The Department of Defense reports that the U.S. military conducted airstrikes in Syria against two facilities as a reaction to attacks made on American military personnel in Iraq and Syria over the last week.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reported that two F-16s had attacked two facilities in Abu Kamal. These included a weapons depot and an ammunition depot. These facilities were used by other groups affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and were not attacked by Iranian militants.

John Kirby said that the U.S. attacked Iranian proxy forces in Syria, targeting weapons and storage facilities.

Kirby said on ABC’s Good Morning America, that the strikes were in self-defense.