Criminal Arrests at Biden’s ‘Closed’ Border Set New Record

Thank goodness the border isn’t open. There’s a new border crossing record of over three million. Between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2023, there were 47,522 criminal arrests between the Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations.

Agents of the OFO apprehended and arrested 20,166 criminals and non-citizens between these dates. Agents apprehended 31,675 criminals in total during the fiscal year.

Border Patrol agents arrested 988 people with outstanding warrants or wants, mostly between ports of entry. Border Patrol agents arrested a total of 16,255 criminals.

Officials claim that the 47,522 arrests would have been even worse if Border Patrol agents weren’t so busy with the processing procedures, but instead were patrolling the fields.

These statistics don’t inspire confidence in me or anyone else about the safety of my country. It’s not just what we know, but also what we don’t. Add to that the uncertainty that an old mush-brain is still trying to deny that there is a problem. When the person in control refuses to acknowledge a problem, it’s impossible to fix it.

Joe Biden and most liberals’ stances on illegal immigration are more motivated by politics than they are by the moral high ground that they claim to be standing on. If someone leaves their country and home without any intention of returning or fighting to improve it, they must believe that the place they are moving to is better. The first thing that they should do if that is the case is to respect the laws of the country. This administration’s welcome mat has led them to ignore this first obligation. Common sense tells us, too, that millions of people entering the country will not be coming to contribute to society or to do any good. They are more likely to come to exploit the system and do harm.

It is a fact. There would still be limits even if all immigration were legal. A country cannot maintain an unending stream of immigrants. The influx of immigrants into a country can have a negative impact on the economy and societal balance.

In fiscal 2023, Border Patrol and OFO agents made 47,522 arrests. This is more than the previous six years combined. The arrests can be broken down by subsets, such as driving while intoxicated, illegal drug trafficking, assault, battery, domestic violence, and “other.”

The National Crime Information Center compiles the statistics. The database contains arrests made across the country and is shared with law enforcement agencies. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has access to this information. It includes U.S. Citizens and Non-Citizens who are wanted by all law enforcement agencies in the country.

These numbers, while shocking, don’t tell the whole story. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Removal Operation Agents arrested 46,396 criminally-inclined noncitizens in addition to the above arrests. This includes approximately 200,000 charges and convictions.

In general, breaking records is something to be proud about. But not in this instance. This is a low in our nation’s defense. The time has come to stop illegal immigration. Before that can happen, however, the Biden Administration will need to acknowledge their mistakes and take drastic measures to correct them. Hell will freeze over before this happens, and the country’s infiltration will continue until the White House, Congress, and the FBI are sane again.