My Pillow Founder and CEO Mike Lindell Is Suing the FBI and the Government for Violating His Rights

Mike Lindell is not just asking for his phone back. After the Minnesota incident, when agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation stopped Lindell’s vehicle at Hardees’ drive-through and took his phone, Lindell appeared in Steve Bannon’s War Room. He said that he would be filing a lawsuit against both the FBI and the government. Below, you can see Lindell’s conversation video with Bannon.

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, to Steve Bannon: We are suing the United States government (and the FBI)

Lindell says that his phone controls his business and his hearing aids and that his phone is his main tool for managing it. As someone who uses hearing aids, I was able to connect my phone to mine and activate the Bluetooth feature. Lindell decided to pair her ears with mine, even though I don’t have to. Our lives are almost inextricably connected to our smartphones, for better or worse. This is a sign of the decline in Western Civilization more than anything else. But let’s face facts: without our phones, we would all be lost, no matter how educated we might be.

Lindell pointed out that he had already given his phone records to the FBI during the Dominion suit. To be fair, Lindell could have easily given the FBI access to all his internet and phone records, especially under Merrick Garland.

I have never seen Lindell.TV and I have never been a big Lindell fan. However, we did purchase a couple of My Pillows. They’re okay. They’re a little too fluffy for my taste. One of his dog beds was stolen by the dog. That’s irrelevant. Even if Lindell is criticized by leftists and some right-leaning people, he makes an important observation about the violation of his rights. This was more than just gathering evidence under a warrant. This was to intimidate him. By extension, all other people. You and I are both included.

When Democrats such as Tim Ryan declare it is time for the MAGA movement to be “killed and confronted”, pay attention. It’s not like I’m a MAGA person. That made me raise my eyebrows. Pay attention to Joe Biden’s ranting about MAGA Republicans. Be attentive to stories such as Lisa Gallagher’s, a New Jersey mother and wife who was tipped off by an anonymous tip that she was involved in the January 6th incident. Listen to Senator Mazie Hirono’s statement: “That is how more women and those supporting our right to decide about our bodies, that’s how we see it. Why? That’s because that’s exactly what’s going on. Madam President, please give me the floor. This is clearly a call to arms in this country. “I yield the floor.”

Is she able to define what “literally” means? It is a call to arms if it is literal. She would have meant “figurative” if she had intended to. Some might argue that Ryan or Hirono were simply being passionate. People who are passionate in moments, and even when they drink from their cups, can often lie to their true thoughts.

Pay very close attention.