California Governor Wants DeSantis and Abbott Investigated for Kidnapping Charges

I would like to suggest a new swear term. People are already called jerks and jackasses, lowlifes SOBs, dirtbags, and jag-offs (for those of you in Pittsburgh). I would add “Newsom.”

Newsom is a wealthy, tone-deaf individual who lacks self-awareness, no regard for others, and who routinely commits selfish, callous acts. A person who believes the top of his inseam to be the center of all things.

It’s something I really hope will take root:

“You know, Joe thought he was cool. But, turns out, he was just an ordinary Newsom.”

Why make Gavin’s name a swear word? Like you haven’t seen enough reasons right here on Patriot’s Daily Digest. Personally, I think it is way overdue. But since you asked:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has written a letter to the Department of Justice in which he engages with Attorney General Merrick Garland in whatever secret handshake the lefties may have. The entire letter can be viewed at the link above. But the essence of Newsom’s missive is that he wants the DOJ investigation into Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida and Governor Greg Abbott in Texas for kidnapping. You know that the governors (DeSantis, Abbott, and not Newsom) have sent illegal immigrants to liberal, often well-off enclaves in order to experience illegal immigration firsthand. Newsom claims that there were civil and criminal violations and that immigrants were incentivized to travel to Martha’s Vineyard by false allegations. Really? Martha’s Vineyard? You Newsom, I was born here in the U.S., and I cannot afford to go to Martha’s Vineyard. This privilege is reserved only for Newsoms living in this country.

Newsom also claims that immigrants were targeted due to their nationality. Well, they’re immigrants. They wouldn’t be illegal immigrants if they were legal residents or had the right channels. He looks forward to working alongside the DOJ in protecting human rights. Governor, there is plenty of room in the Golden State. You can open the doors! You’ve already cleared the space.

DeSantis, Abbott, and I believe that the immigrants should be sued, and the Newsoms of the Biden administration charged with criminal abandonment. These people are here because of Biden. They even stated it.

This Newsom is clearly trying to get his presidential run started. He is the joke. Already, we have a Newsom at the White House.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Don’t be a Newsom.