FBI Claimed, “He Was on Our Radar,” When You Are Really on Their Radar

It seems like every time a lunatic blazes up a classroom or a shopping mall, the FBI tells us, “He was on our radar.” Yet somehow, the shooter wasn’t stopped. Do you know who was stopped? The “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell.

According to the FBI, they knew exactly where he was and three FBI cars pulled Lindell into Hardee’s drive-through restaurant. They also took his phone. Are they close friends or watching the mass shooters “on the radar”?

Trump’s associates, and followers, are being served with warrants and subpoenas by the feds. It’s like giving circus peanuts to kids in your neighborhood on Halloween. It’s happening across the country.

My friends, the tyranny does not stop there. Matt Margolis, our friend, wrote that the FBI had teamed up with Facebook to spy upon you.

Sources at the Department of Justice claim that Facebook spying has been done on Americans who have questioned the results of the 2020 election and reported it to the FBI.

Facebook and the FBI have worked together since the election to report “subversive” private messages. They sent them to the FBI’s domestic terrorist operational unit. This is allegedly a violation of the First and Fourth Amendment rights.

One source told the New York Post that the incident was not within the legal process and did not have probable cause. “Facebook gives the FBI private conversations that are protected under the First Amendment, without any subpoena.”

The Department of Justice (DOJ), apparently, is too busy chasing conservatives for Hunter Biden to even open his laptop. It’s full of disturbing videos of Biden smoking crack and having sex in public with prostitutes. Not to mention all the telltale emails that outline “10% for Big guy.”

It is now that we can fight against tyranny. The Democrats are using the Nazis’ tactics to take our freedoms twice as fast, I wrote recently. It is time to get up and speak out.