Military Recruiting Numbers Dip to Record Lows as Biden’s Woke Army Works to Destroy Team Moral

It will come as no surprise to patriots, but it may surprise the Leftists who are sure that they can keep using Americans who love this country as their drones and cannon fodder on an indefinite basis: hardly anyone wants to join Old Joe Biden’s woke military. That’s perfectly understandable. Why go through all the trouble of going through training and risk getting sent to some unnecessary war when you can learn about Critical Race Theory and get vaccinated right at home? Recruitment levels are lower than they’ve been in decades, and instead of doing something about it, Biden’s handlers are working to drive the morale of military personnel even lower.

WTOV, Steubenville Ohio, reported that the U.S. Army fell 15,000 short of its 2022 goal. Nwiah claimed that the Shanghai Sniffles are to blame. “We were hit by COVID which affected our mode of operation, hand recruiters.” He didn’t mention any of the Leftist indoctrination and politicization. This is likely to be the problem.

To try to get the recruitment numbers back up, the Army is spending $117 million to dust off its 1980s slogan, “Be All You Can Be,” and that’s terrific because the slogan has so much more resonance now than it did in the Reagan era. Now a male recruit may decide that he wants to be all that he can be by becoming a female recruit, and the Army (using your money, of course) will pay for surgery to reinforce his delusion.

But a catchy tune alone is not enough. This was intended to improve Army morale and encourage excellence. It is likely to cause discontent among the ranks. It also restricts crews’ ability to identify tanks to those who are in the gunnery’s top bracket, which is a qualification that measures the effectiveness of a combat crew.

This is something that we all have seen. Tania Donovan (Lt. Col.), stated that the tradition of naming a combat platform was a long-standing one we cherish. states that this policy change was made to encourage better gunnery in crews. This is especially important in a competitive world. Although it is impressive, it is not as impressive as you might think. also quoted a “currently serving field-grade armor officer” who wished to remain anonymous. This officer observed, “My immediate reaction is that this will alienate junior crews while ensuring that officers get to name their tanks,” because “leaders in officer positions like platoon leader through battalion commander are often given the best gunners. That leaves other, typically junior troops, working with less experienced gunners who are less likely to score highly during gunnery, although the officer said that they still have a responsibility to do well.” This officer added, “But to deny them the ability to name their tanks while almost ensuring that [officers] will, due to the experience of their gunner, creates a dichotomous culture that doesn’t breed competition, but animosity.”

Amazing. Animosity is all we need in Old Joe Biden’s army. The troops have already been browbeaten with Critical Race Theory, vaccine mandates, and pandering to the fashionable gender madness. To institute a policy now that will just breed animosity is absurdly counterproductive, especially during this period of low-to-nonexistent recruitment. Do Biden’s handlers want to sabotage the United States military? If they really did, what would they be doing differently?