Kamala Harris Is Big Mad At Elizabeth Warren For Not Immediately Endorsing Her VP Candidacy

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States is reported to be upset at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s decision not to endorse Harris as President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2024.

What did Warren actually say?

Warren declined to answer a question about Harris being Biden’s running mate in 2024 during a January interview on Boston Public Radio.

She stated:

I want to be able to trust what makes Biden feel at home on his team. Kamala has been a friend of mine for many years. Kamala is a good friend. Kamala was my friend back in the days she was an attorney general. I was still teaching and we worked together on the housing crisis. We go back a long way. They need to work together, and I feel they do. They are, I believe.

Warren stated that she supported a Biden/Harris ticket two days later.

Warren stated, “I support the President and Vice President’s reelection together and never meant to suggest otherwise.” They are a great team that has a track record of delivering for working families.

What was Harris’ response?
Warren called Harris twice to apologize and explain her comments during the interview. CNN reports that Harris declined to speak to Warren.

Warren called Harris’ chief of staff Lorraine Voles to make her case. A source familiar with the callback said that Voles returned Harris’ call.

Harris’s circle is furious at Warren’s moment. They see it as the latest in a long line of disrespects for a vice president who they claim has not received the support or respect she deserves. Warren’s words are even more painful, as they come from a former rival, who in 2020 hoped for Biden to pick her running mate.
This report comes as Democrats are beginning to suggest that Biden should reconsider his 2024 running-mate if Democrats wish to retain control of the White House. Harris is unpopular and not considered a person who can boost Biden’s profile against any Republican candidate other than Donald Trump.

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Biden has yet to announce his re-election bid.