Michigan’s Democratic Governor Is Rapidly Losing Ground To Her GOP Opponent

The Republican candidate Tudor Dixon is currently polling within one point of Democratic Governor. According to a new poll, Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan is currently in the race for Michigan’s gubernatorial seat.

According to The Trafalgar Group poll, Dixon received 47.9% support and Whitmer 48.4%. This is a difference of 0.5%. According to RealClearPolitics, the small gap between them is significant compared to earlier in the year, when Whitmer led by as much as 15%.

After Whitmer’s state gubernatorial election on Oct. 10, Dixon’s campaign saw a significant increase in polls. Whitmer was attacked on issues such as abortion, COVID-19 lockdowns, and school education curricula that are too focused on transgenderism. The gap between the candidates has continued to shrink since the debate. (RELATED : Gretchen Whitmer and the GOP Challenger Catch Up As Election Day Nears)

Tulsi Gabbard, a former Representative from Hawaii, also gave her support. Gabbard is a transgenderism activist and this gives Dixon the credibility to focus his campaign on this issue.

InsiderAdvantage for American Greatness conducted another poll and found that both candidates were in a statistical tie at 44%, just a few days after the debate.

Dixon tweeted, “We are closing in upon her as the momentum trends towards our direction,” referring to the shrinking poll gap.

Whitmer has tried to direct the campaign to abortion after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs-v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, which overruled Roe V. Wade’s guarantee that there is a constitutional right for an abortion.

Whitmer tweeted, “I will continue fighting like hell to ensure Michigan women are protected,” adding that Dixon had pledged to enforce Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban. This would criminalize nurses and doctors.

Sara Broadwater, Dixon’s Communications Director, said that the poll had “blown away all expectations.” She also stated that independent voters “were” breaking in her favor. Whitmer was accused of “campaigning for one issue” with her focus on abortion.

The margin of error for the Trafalgar poll was 2.9%. It surveyed 1,079 Michigan voters. FiveThirtyEight is a polling aggregator that rates Trafalgar polling as “A-” for reliability.