Thugs Beat the Crap Out of GOP Canvasser Wearing DeSantis Rubio Gear

To shut down conservatives, the Left has tried almost everything. They have tried intimidation and setting things on fire, threatening justices, and assassination. It seems they are now reverting back to literal power: beating out individuals who identify with Republicans in any way.

Four men beat a man who was canvassing in Hialeah (Fla.) Sunday night. The volunteer, who was not identified, was wearing a Ron DeSantis hat with a Marco Rubio shirt.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio first reported the horrific attack on the canvasser at a campaign event. He was told that “Republicans were not allowed in their neighborhood,” before the men began to break the man’s jaw. He was kicked by the gang until his stomach bleeds and he is unable to move his eyes.

Rubio wrote, “Last Night one of our canvassers in my T-shirt with a Desantis cap was brutally attacked in the street by four animals who said that Republicans were not allowed in their area in #Hialeah#Florida.”

According to the Miami Herald, one person was arrested.

It’s a beginning.

This is a developing story.