Biden Makes Glaring Omission While Talking About His Family’s Gun Ownership

At a town hall on Sunday night, President Joe Biden mentioned his family’s gun-toting ways but failed to mention the problems his clan has with firearms and the law.

Biden claimed he owns two shotguns and that Beau, his son, was also a gun owner. Unsurprisingly, Biden did not mention Hunter Biden, his ne’er do-well son who allegedly lied to obtain a handgun from his brother’s widow.

Biden stated that he hadn’t shot the shotguns in a while, but he had two. The event was taped on October 18th. My son used a shotgun to practice target shooting. They’re kept in a box. They should not be accessible to anyone.”

However, anyone could have accessed the revolver Hallie Biden threw out after finding it in Hunter Biden’s car in 2018. She claimed she chucked the weapon out of fear that her brother-in-law-turned-lover might kill himself. The handgun is different from the semiautomatic Hunter, which is seen holding it while completely naked and viewing disturbing images on his laptop.

Hallie had thrown the gun in the garbage and she reported it to a nearby grocer who called the police. According to reports, the FBI arrived on the scene and interviewed both Bidens. Hunter Biden had to disclose on a federal form if he had any drug abuse history in order to be eligible for a gun. Although the FBI did not appear to take any action, David Weiss (the U.S. attorney for Delaware) is considering charging Hunter Biden with false declarations made on the form.

Biden spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper about his conversation with Biden earlier this month. It turned out that he applied to buy a gun. He was asked, “Are you on drugs?” He wrote in his book about saying no.

“So, I have great faith in my son.”

The town hall was hosted by NowThis, a left-leaning outlet. It featured a gun discussion in which a gun control advocate, who had lost her brother in Sandy Hook’s 2012 school shooting, inquired about firearms.

The then-vice president recalled the advice he gave to his wife about dealing with any threat that arose from intruding on their private property.

He said, “If there is ever a problem just walk out on this balcony–walk out, put the double-barrel gun, and fire two blasts out of the house.”

Biden also stated that a shotgun is more reliable than an AR-15 in the same interview. He wants to ban them.

Biden stated, “Well, you know that my shotgun will do more for you than your AR-15. Because you want to keep people away from your home, fire the shotgun through your door.” A shotgun is a weapon that most people can use to their advantage, both in terms of their aim and their ability to deter others from coming at them.