Next British Prime Minister Decided After Rivals Bow Out

After Liz Truss’s departure from the Conservative Party contest, Rishi Sunak, a British lawmaker, will be the next prime minister of the country.

Sunak, who was formerly the finance minister under Boris Johnson’s leadership, will become the country’s first non-white prime minister. His parents are Punjabi Indians. After years of political chaos in the party, including the failure to implement Truss’ economic growth and tax cuts plan that resulted in her resignation after six weeks of being in power, Sunak is now the leader of the Conservative Party.

Sunak stated yesterday that the United Kingdom was a great nation, but that we are facing a deep economic crisis. “I have the track record for delivery and a clear plan to solve the greatest problems we face. I will fulfill the promise of my 2019 manifesto. Every level of government I manage will have integrity, professionalism, and accountability. I will work hard every day to accomplish the job.”

Sunak was elected premier after Penny Mordaunt (a fellow Conservative Party lawmaker) announced that she and her colleagues had decided to support Sunak “in goodwill for the benefit of the country.”