Michelle Obama Says She Didn’t Wear Her Hair in Braids in the White House – Can You Guess?

Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency has been a major obstacle to the Left’s insatiable quest to paint America as a country plagued by “systemic racism”. Is there any other country that elected a member from a minority who was once subject to daily discrimination to the highest office? Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, has come up with a creative way to perpetuate this Leftist myth. She claims that her hair was not in braids when she lived in the White House, because the Americans, those hate-filled, stupid racists, weren’t ready for the spectacle of her natural hair. Evidently, Mrs. Obama believes that Americans think she is Swedish.

The Washington Post reported that Michelle Obama, First Lady, had “considered wearing her hair braided,” but then “then she thought about the American people.” In 2009, the media was full of praise for the First Black President. He was the subject of breathless adulation and even the Nobel Peace Prize. Michelle Obama believed that Americans had forgotten that the First Couple was black. She chose to not upset the poor by presenting herself as what she really was.

Mrs. Obama stated that the American people were “just getting adjusted” to having a Black president and a Black family at the White House. She said it would have been simpler to keep her hair in braids but she said “nope, they are not ready for it.”

It is a shame that Michelle Obama’s remarks were not made at the Warner Theatre in Washington. What would the KKK have done to the White House lawn if they had set fire to a cross? Would blond-haired, racists have poured their hatred on the White House? Bull Connor would have sent his dogs to attack the Secret Service agents who guard the Executive Mansion.

No matter the reason, Meesh “sacrificed,” — was sacrificed! We are so grateful for the sacrifices made by these people! — “Doing her hair the way she wanted so that her husband’s administration could concentrate on its goals and not waste political capital trying to create a hairstyle-induced blaze storm. Obama stated that her mental state at the time was “Let me keep mine straight.” Michelle could have worn her hair in braids, but Obamacare wouldn’t be a rolling disaster. If I had known, I would have braided her hair at that time.

It was all she could do in order to survive in a racist world. “Obama stated that her dilemma was an extreme example of the daily decisions Black women have to make to navigate the politics, sensibilities, and workplace norms. It is often easier, safer, and more comfortable to wear Afros, dreadlocks, or braids. However, they feel pressured by White beauty standards and workplace norms for straightening their hair chemically to achieve a professional appearance.

She said: “We deal, the whole thing about, “Do you show up wearing your natural hair?” Obama leaned in the pose and claimed that even though she was the First Lady of the United States, it must have been difficult to maintain a positive image and be the center of attention. These are terrorist braids! “Those are revolutionary braids!”

The nightmare tale of harassment and imaginary racism suffered by one member of the nation’s elite has a happy end: Obama proudly showed her new hairstyle to the crowd and declared: “Braids! Y’all!” It seems that America is finally ready, as evil and racist as she believes it to be.