The Verdict Is in on the Top Secret Documents Seized by the FBI From President Trump’s Home

The United States has officially placed in the “Third World sh**hole” category for its politics on Monday, August 8th, 2022. It’s not about taking two weeks to count votes, although that would also put it in contention for the title. The FBI raiding the former president’s home by the Attorney General for political purposes is what I am referring to. We were under the impression that the “winner”, in an election, would use federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the case and possibly indict the opponent. This was not the case in Pakistan or other countries.

Other than giving FBI agents the chance to cuddle Melania Trump, the raid was intended to allow the Archivist of America to return documents that President Trump allegedly kept without authorization to it. It doesn’t matter that there are no disputes between the National Archives and former presidents over the possession of documents.

We began to read about “national security” information in the documents after the last FBI SUV had just left. USAToday was able to tell us some bizarre stories about how the FBI uncovered the identities of the undercover operatives whose documents were retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. The joke was even shared by the Russians.

It became apparent that the FBI’s intentions went beyond merely retrieving rogue documents. The scope of the search warrant covered everything that Trump’s White House produced during his presidency. The passports of President Trump were taken. Melania’s underwear was also seized along with confidential attorney-client documents. These same FBI agents who were involved in investigating collusion with Russia were also leading the search for contested documents.

After the midterm elections, we were informed that there would be an indictment for possible treason if we believed everything we read.

We are here, after the midterms. What does the media, who promoted this story about Trump personally endangering nukes codes and the identities and undercover agents overseas, have to say? I’ll sum it all up.

According to sources familiar with the matter, federal agents and prosecutors believe that former president Donald Trump was motivated by his ego and the desire to keep the classified documents as trophies and mementos.

Federal authorities looked at classified documents found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago house and private club. They wanted to determine if they pointed to any pattern or similarities.

These people stated that the review did not find any business benefit from Trump’s access to classified information. They said that FBI interviews with witnesses have not revealed any attempt by Trump to sell, leverage, or use government secrets. These people stated that the former president was motivated by a basic desire to keep his property, rather than a greater motive.

People familiar with the matter warned that the investigation was ongoing and that no final conclusions have been made. It is possible that additional information could be discovered that alters investigators’ understanding of Trump’s motivations. They said that the evidence collected over several months shows that Trump’s ego, intransigence, and selfishness are the main reasons for possible criminal conduct.

Let’s not be silly. There are very few chances that anyone from the FBI, the Department of Justice, or the Office of the Archivist of the United States would believe that Donald Trump was in possession of classified documents. People who are sane don’t believe such things. This is just jerk-off material to progressive Twitter. The FBI raid was designed to intimidate Donald Trump. He also hinted at a 2024 run for the presidency. In the same way that Department of Justice investigations are used to harass and in some cases, imprison Trump associates, the FBI raid was intended to intimidate Trump. They wanted to create a Trump-is-a-traitor narrative that could be used to counter any Trump campaigning in the midterms. They also wanted to cause him to lose his nomination. There was no crime. There was only a desire for petty revenge. They are not going to get the revenge they hoped for.