CBS News Quits Posting On Twitter

Under Elon Musk’s leadership, CBS News stated it would cease posting on Twitter due to “uncertainty”. CBS News has a TikTok profile, which was warned by the U.S. as a Chinese surveillance tool.

CBS Evening News ran an episode called “Twitter Turmoil.” Anchor Garret claimed that Musk was “scrambling for social media platforms to collapse”

Jonathan Vigliotti was CBS News’ national correspondent. Musk claimed that he gave “little assurance” that he had an everlasting plan for Twitter’s success. He asked Twitter users numerous times to tell him what the best way was to improve the platform after its acquisition by Twitter.

Vigliotti spoke with a former employee of Twitter who was there when Musk purchased it.

Tech censorship has been lifted from Dave Rubin’s content. You can access the Rubin Report now.
Justine De Caires was a Twitter employee during Musk’s tenure. In just a few short days, she was fired.

Vigliotti announced then that CBS News would cease posting on Twitter due to “uncertainty.” ” ”

Vigliotti stated that CBS News had stopped tweeting due to uncertainty.

“In view of the uncertainty surrounding Twitter and out of an abundance precaution,” CBS News Bay Area tweeted.

Official CBS News Twitter account has nearly 9 million followers. It has not posted anything to Musk’s Twitter account since Friday.

CBS affiliates based in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Chicago have not posted within 24hrs.

CBS News Radio’s official Twitter account continues to tweet.

CBS News has a TikTok account. This is sometimes called Chinese spyware.

Chris Wray was the FBI Director Tuesday and warned about the possibility of the Chinese government using [TikTok] for data collection over millions.

Wray warned that China’s TikTok app could “control the software across many devices”, which could result in “technically compromising millions” of American smartphones. ”

Forbes reported that TikTok will use location data from its app in October to track and monitor certain American citizens.

Forbes published an August Report which revealed that 3100 TikTok employees had previously worked for Chinese state media publications. According to the report, 15 employees worked simultaneously at ByteDance as well as Chinese state media.

Brendan Carr (FCC), Commissioner, urged Apple to take the TikTok app out of their online stores by June. Carr said that TikTok is sophisticated surveillance technology that collects sensitive and personal data.

The privacy policy for TikTok was updated in June 2021 to allow it to collect biometric data from U.S. users.

Mike Pompeo (then-Secretary to State) warned that TikTok could “put your personal information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Defense Department declared TikTok a “potential security risk” in December 2019.

TikTok was previously banned by the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Army from being used to issue government-issued phone numbers.

CBS News provides extensive information about security threats to TikTok.

CBS News interviewed Klon Cook in November 2020. Klon was previously a senior programme officer at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the lead analyst for al Qaeda senior leaders at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Klon stated to CBS News that TikTok has a difficult relationship (with the government) with China’s Communist Party (the Chinese Communist Party).

Klon explained that TikTok stores keystroke information, including your name, address and home network. He also shared his knowledge with the outlet about online viewing habits and friends.

CBS News published another article titled “How TikTok could possibly be used for disinformation or espionage.” ”