Michael Lawler Contributes to Flipping the House, Knocks out DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney in NY-17

The Republican Congressional Leadership Fund aimed its financial fire on Sean Patrick Maloney (Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman) and poured millions into New York 17. Although this is a small margin, it’s still winnable.

The New York Post:

Republican Michael Lawler was able to hold a narrow lead over Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in a race that went close on Wednesday morning. Maloney is one the most powerful Democrats currently serving in Congress.

From more than 278,000 votes cast, the difference between the two men was only 3,000 votes. They spent the summer campaigning for the 17th Congressional District. This district includes large swathes of Westchester County as well as the lower Hudson Valley.

Lawler stated that, although we weren’t ready to declare victory yet with just a few more votes we are on our way to making history. Lawler spoke to Rockland County supporters at the election night party. He acknowledged the closeness of the race and expressed gratitude to the voters.

On Wednesday, Rep. Maloney conceded the race, securing the win for Lawler.

Thirty years ago, the last time a House campaign chairman lost reelection was when he was a Republican. It was California Democratic Rep. Jim Corman.

Lawler defeated Maloney thanks to the House GOP’s Congressional Leadership Fund which spent millions to support him. Maloney was the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and was responsible for helping other Democrats to win elections. Republicans won a symbolic victory by removing him from office.

Maloney’s scandalous stories regarding his eyebrow-raising hires for legislative and campaign work did not help his cause.

It was Maloney’s advice to his constituents to stock up on Chef Boyardee in order to fight rising inflation that was the defining moment.

“I grew up in a family that understood that food prices would drop if gas prices rose.” “This meant that by this time of the week, we would be eating Chef Boyardee regardless of our budget.”

God doesn’t like the ugly, and voters hate arrogance. Maloney’s congressional career was over. The feckless Democrats, like dead voters, continue to return to life at the worst possible time.

Lawler was quick to seize this opportunity, and it paid off.

Lawler stated, “We will need to wait a little longer for the voters to serve Sean Patrick Maloney’s best dish from Chef Boyardee.” It will be chilled, I promise,” Wednesday morning.

That’s savage. Let us all hope that Congressman-Elect Lawler will continue to be a force of good after he is sworn into the House of Representatives.