This Guy Was on the Ballot in Tuesday’s Election, He Lost

Many people were left high and dry by the unrealized red wave that occurred in the midterm elections. The photo shows people like the man in it.

There are many tents in almost every West Coast or Messed Coast(tm), city. These tent cities’ inhabitants are made up of rag-drapped women and men who spend hours sketching in paranoia, or shaking their heads anxiously while searching for their next fix. A few men lie motionless on the ground. Passersby are silently challenged by them to reach out to them and ask “Are you OK?”. They look dead. They’re not OK yet, but they aren’t dead.

Instead, they receive Joe Biden crack pipes and “harm reduction” paraphernalia kit kits. They are also offered places to shoot up, sidewalks to sleep on, and clean needles to commit suicide.

These people, whose eyes were darkened long ago, were voting on Tuesday for the 2022 midterm elections.

America wasn’t concerned about homeless encampments in their neighborhoods or overrunning their parks with crackheads, needles, and so on. They didn’t punish the political party that put them in danger.

They seemed to not be concerned about the shootings and murders that have occurred for the same reason.

The lack of seriousness that the president takes with the border and criminality in general boils down to this: Americans who are upset about the crime issue should remember that a lot of drug-related crime originates at the border, whose doors swing in the wind.

Joe Biden displayed his Eat at Joe’s! The neon sign has attracted millions of people. Many of them are drug cartel smugglers. Although they have U.S. dollars signs in their eyes, most of them bring enslaved children and women, as well as drugs. There are many drugs.

People poison our citizens with fentanyl or other drugs. Most of the drugs are made from chemicals from China that are shipped to drug-running cartel labs south of our borders. Many of the final products are sold to illegally-immigrated people who have entered our country illegally.

Parents were particularly upset by the fact that their children were being held during COVID-19, and then used by teachers’ unions to make political points. With the approval of Congressional Democrats, Joe Biden did nothing. They mocked, threatened and punished anyone who disagreed with Joe Biden, even siccing FBI and DOJ.

This is also a kid who’s been living on the street, trapped in his own addictions. Our children are now being poisoned with fentanyl by the same country that poisoned America using COVID. Joe Biden takes payments from these people and gives them personal favors.

Russian Roulette is a game that recreational drug users play because many of these drugs contain fentanyl, which could lead to their death.

Democrats spun the concern about the border as a negative, calling it xenophobic or nationalist. It was popular.

Somewhere along the way, cities realized that it was OK to accept drug-addicted “homeless,” who would rather “smoke and live in a tent” than “pay their rent.”

Martin v. City of Boise ruled that anyone can sleep on the sidewalk of a city unless they have been given a place to stay by the government. The West Coast, Messed Coast(tm), is flooded with homeless and tent cities.

Millions of Americans fled from left-controlled states and moved to freedom where they could live without fear for their families, rather than fighting.

Tuesday’s election vindicated them, and rewarded Democrats.