Mia Bonta Dodged Ethical Valley Because She Has a Congressional Mountain in Mind

As we previously reported, Assemblywoman Mia Bonta decided to resign from her position as Chair of the Budget Subcommittee 5.

Bonta stated:

My district is the hardest hit by gun violence, the carceral system, and public safety. I am proud to be their representative on Budget Subcommittee 5

It is unclear why Anthony Rendon, a corruptor, appointed Bonta as Speaker. However, it is certain that it had nothing to do with justice or public safety. According to the U.K. Sun, this is true.

Mia worked most of her adult life in the public sector, specifically the Department of Education.

She was the city Director for LEAP (Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership), and the CEO of Breakthrough Collaborative, a program that helps children with limited resources get a better education.

Mia founded the Literacy Lab in 2014. She wanted to help disadvantaged children access learning resources.

Rendon and 79 other Assembly members with more experience in law enforcement, budget, and safety could have made a better choice. Rendon did not have to be suspicious about ethical misfeasance.

While it is obvious that I am not in any ethical or legal conflict with my position as Chair of Budget Subcommittee 5 as requested by Speaker I will be withdrawing from Budget Subcommittee 5 which deals directly with the Department of Justice including trailer bills and legislative budget proposal.

A good chunk of this committee’s job is that DOJ budget, and the whole public safety and criminal justice influence is supposedly why Bonta was appointed. Bonta has essentially said with this recusal, that she will be dead weight. So much for being able to focus on the “important work.”

I’d like to thank my colleagues in the Assembly and the Legislature as well as my district for the outpouring of support these few days, and I look forward to continuing my service on behalf of Californians.

Bonta does love to play the martyr and has been doing just that since she received pushback on this appointment, even from California’s Homegrown team. Those blind squirrels are finding some nuts these days.

Both Bontas were criticized by the Sacramento Bee for not following ethics during their appointment.

Rob Bonta was an Assemblymember. He donated to his wife’s foundation. Although not illegal, it raised ethical questions.

KCRA in Sacramento broke the news about Mia Bonta being appointed and Rendon being defended. The Assembly speaker said that he doesn’t see any problem.

Rendon stated that he believes that Ms. Bonta will continue to be independent in her legislative judgment, as she has been since she began her service in the Assembly.

The Assembly could not receive comments from the attorney General.

Maybe nothing unethical is happening between the Bontas, but the standard we hold our government to is not merely the absence of unethical behavior, it’s also avoiding the appearance of it, and right now, the Bontas are in a prime position for bias to creep in.

The attorney general and the speaker have clearly ceded responsibility, so It is up to Mia Bonta to make it right: She must immediately step down from the subcommittee.

The abrasive attitude of Bonta was not appreciated by the Los Angeles Times.

Bonta seems to not be upset about the arrangement. Bonta stated that she was happy with the position. I wonder if these questions are being asked of me because I’m a female legislator.

Gaslighting continues! This is in contrast to the Bonta/Bonta arrangement, where one family member holds the direct authority to benefit another member of the government’s office.

Her claims of misogyny and sexism are even more obsessional.

Mia Bonta made a clear deflection about the subject. It’s not unusual for a woman to vote in recent history.

Why is bread so expensive? Mia Bonta’s cry-wolf approach to racism and sexism makes it seem like everyone buys it.

L.A. Times revealed a potential reason behind Bonta wanting to polish her resume with a plum committee assignment and toeing the line of ethical considerations. The retirement of Sen. Dianne Feinstein has put three congressional seats in play. West Hollywood District 30 Rep. Adam Schiff and Orange County Coast District 47 Rep. Katie Porter have already declared their candidacies. Oakland District 12 Rep. Barbara Lee is also alleged to make a run for the seat, leaving her congressional chair open for Bonta to fill.

This is the Democrat Way.