Former President Clinton Aide Who Had Ties To Epstein Died By Suicide, Police Say, Though Questions Remain

According to a new sheriff’s report, a former special assistant to President Bill Clinton, who had also been connected to Jeffrey Epstein, committed suicide. However, there are still questions about his death.

Mark Middleton, 59, was found dead at the Heifer Ranch, Perryville, Arkansas on May 7, 2022. This is about 30 miles from Little Rock. According to reports, he was found next to a tree and had an extension cord around his neck. He was also seen with the other end of an extension cord attached to a tree branch above.

Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson stated in the report that “I could see the man was obviously dead.” Lawson was called to the scene by Samantha McElroy (46), a ranch worker who reported an abandoned vehicle. It was a black BMW SUV that deputies later found belonged to Middleton.

Although the extension cord might have contributed to his death, Middleton’s final cause of death was the gunshot injury he received to his chest. Sheriff Scott Montgomery made this assessment just weeks after Middleton was discovered.

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Montgomery stated last June that Montgomery died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

“It was obvious that the shotgun was working because there wasn’t much blood or any other debris on the scene. The shotgun blast hit his chest. Because there is a hole in his chest and pellets are coming out of his back, you can see that. We believe it was self-inflicted.

The Western Journal reported that the Middleton family filed a lawsuit in the same month, stating that he had “died by suicide”.

Many people are still puzzled by the death of Middleton, despite the corroboration from the family and the sheriff’s report. The main reason for confusion is the fact that the weapon Middleton used to kill himself was never found. Lawson said that investigators found “three boxes of 12GA buckshot” inside his car, but no weapon.

Middleton is not the only ex-colleague who died in suspicious circumstances. All five government agencies that investigated the July 1993 death of Vince Foster, Clinton’s former White House deputy counsel, ruled it suicide. However, some critics still claim there was a cover-up as no fingerprints were found on Foster’s weapon.

Middleton also had connections to Epstein. Middleton admitted Epstein to the White House on seven of Epstein’s 17 visits. Middleton is also listed on the flight logs for Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane, which was used to transport high-profile figures to an Island where many of Epstein’s victims were then sexually abused girls. The flight logs also include former President Clinton.

Middleton was a Clinton employee from 1995 to 1995. After Middleton left the White House in 1995, there were accusations that he had misused his position to impress clients. Later, he returned to Arkansas and joined the family’s HVAC company.

Middleton was believed to have suffered from depression just before his death. His wife Rhea and his two daughters Lindsay (18 and Lauren (20) are still with him.