Biden’s Response to Russia Suspending START Treaty Proves How Much Trouble We Are In

Some left-leaning people have tried to help Joe Biden, an incompetent and incoherent bumbler who has become a kind of statesman through his trip to Ukraine/Poland.

As I pointed out, that’s in part fake. Russia was informed in advance of his plans to travel so that they would not do anything that could pose a danger to him. CNN and Reuters both acknowledged that there had been no Russian airstrikes or missiles. However, the air raid sirens sounded right as Biden was walking down the street, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilensky. This helped to paint Biden as a brave man. Talk about staged.

You saw an MSNBC “analyst” who was a former CIA man trying to portray Biden as a “savior for Europe” this morning.

He claimed that if Trump had won the election, Ukraine would have been part of Russia and the NATO alliance would be destroyed.

This is obviously false. Let’s look at the facts. Trump was President and Russia did not invade under his leadership. They invaded under Obama/Biden and again under Biden. Obama/Biden did not do much in response to the invasion of Ukraine. They were even reluctant to provide weapons for Ukraine. Trump gave them weapons. Joe Biden sent a very negative signal that “minor incursions”, which he considered acceptable, and he lifted sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine again. One might believe there was a romantic relationship. Rich Weinstein, my friend, reminded me this morning that Marc Polymeropoulos was one of 51 people who signed up for the Hunter Biden laptop intelligence letter, “suggesting” that it was Russian disinformation. His observation skills are amazing. During his time at the CIA, he was in charge of clandestine operations throughout Europe.

Trump was able to bring peace agreements, but during Biden’s tenure, we had a disastrous pullout and new wars. We also gained the support of our enemies/antagonists. Biden failed for a week in shooting a Chinese spy ball out of the sky, as it hovers above our sensitive military operations. China is now openly expressing its desire to strengthen its ties with Russia and is making public statements about this. They could get involved in Ukraine which would be a much more complex situation.

We reported that Russia announced its intention to withdraw from START.

As my colleague observed,

Putin’s announcement in which Russia announced that it would cease participation in the 2010 Prague-based “New START” agreement was the most important news item. This treaty limits the number of nuclear warheads that the US and Russia can hold and provides delivery systems to those warheads.

Today, I have to declare that Russia has withdrawn from the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty.

Putin’s decision “to suspend” the treaty means that he can keep the treaty in effect but deny the US inspections under the treaty. It’s great to work if it is possible to get it, and something Trump would never try to pull off. This bullshit will be accepted by Biden and Blinken, I am sure.

What did Joe Biden, our revered leader, say to Russia for pointing its nose at him? Biden replied, “I don’t have the time,” after looking lost as he tried to figure out how to stand for a photo-op with Poland.

Joe, this is where you are supposed to make a statement about Russia. This shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s trying to figure out where he stands.

This is part of the problem. He never has the time or the inclination to properly respond to anything, from balloons to Afghanistan to the border to any other matter that would be in the United States’ best interests. They look at us and feel empowered.