Joe Biden Told Ukraine That Freedom Is Worth Fighting for, so Let’s Stand up for Our Freedoms

We’ve seen so much coverage about Joe Biden’s super-secretive trip to Kyiv with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his new best friend — Barack Obama must be jealous — and we’ve also analyzed the U.S.’s blank-check approach to Ukraine.

The president, however, made a statement alongside Zelenskyy which I found fascinating. Biden spoke shortly after praising the Ukrainians for “reminding the world every day what the definition of the word courage means”.

That’s right! Joe Biden believes freedom is worth fighting for the Ukrainians. What about Americans?

It depends. He’s all for your freedom if you are on his side. He won’t tolerate your disagreements in any way.

This is the same president who claimed that Georgia and other red states brought in “Jim Crow” on steroids when they attempted to make elections safer. Biden’s rhetoric and that of Stacey Abrams led Major League Baseball in Atlanta to cancel the 2021 All-Star Game. Perhaps it was the mention of steroids that made MLB a little hesitant. Is he convinced that the freedom to stop Democrats from cheating in elections is worth fighting for?

He is also the president who threatened people who refused to stand for an interminable regimen of shots with a winter of severe illness or death from COVID-19. Is he convinced that the freedom to believe in one’s immune system is worth fighting for?

He is also the president whose attorney General Merrick “Almost Made SCOTUS” Garland threatened to use the full force federal judicial apparatus against concerned parents at school board meetings. Garland also pursued pro-life activists. Is he convinced that it is worth fighting for the right to voice one’s convictions against the left-wing narrative?

Remember that this was the president who gave a dramatic speech in dystopian lighting where he accused everyone who didn’t vote for his cause of “destroying American democracy”. Is he convinced that voting for who one wishes is worth fighting for?

It’s time for us to defend our freedoms if we want to believe Biden. There is still a lot of work to do before we reach the 2024 elections. Each one of us must stand up for the freedoms we believe in and vote for those who will fight for them.

Keep speaking up. Do not be afraid to fight for culture and policy. Don’t give up fighting for election integrity and medical freedom. Keep fighting against government overreach, and big-tech censorship.