Gun Was Found Near Body Of Former Clinton Aide, New Report Says

There are more details about the suicide of an ex-aide to President Bill Clinton. This has dispelled some doubts as to whether he really took his own life.

The initial report from the investigation was released recently. It revealed that Mark Middleton (a former Clinton aide) committed suicide in Perryville, Arkansas last May. Middleton’s corpse was found near a tree. Middleton had an extension cord around his neck, and a gunshot wound to his chest. He was believed to have been dead for some time before he was found.

Despite multiple signs of suicide, there was still some doubt that Middleton had committed suicide. The main reason is that the report did not mention a gun near Middleton’s corpse. The report, written by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson who processed the scene, stated that “three boxes full of 12GA buckshot” had been found in Middleton’s SUV trunk, but no weapon. Many media outlets including TheBlaze reported that the suicide weapon was not recovered due to this glaring oversight.

Carter and his law enforcement colleagues believe that Middleton arrived at Heifer Ranch on May 7, 2022 with the intent of killing himself. He found a spot overlooking the valley and dragged a bench up to it. Then he wrapped the extension cord around his neck and tied the other end around his neck. Rhea received a text from him that night, saying, “Going to sleep for a while.” You are an amazing mom and wife. Be happy today, and take some sun. It will make your heart feel better. You are my love.”

Middleton allegedly stood on the bench and positioned the gun so that it was facing him. He then pulled the trigger using his left index finger. The extension cord became tighter around Middleton’s neck, almost like a noose after the blast. Carter also reported that the blast caused the gun to drop far from its body “due both to the recoil of the discharge and the height/angle of the ground”.

Middleton died almost immediately because of the small amount of blood that was found on his body. Two hours after he had sent his wife a message, he was found dead. The police stated that there was no evidence of foul play and Coroner Theodore Brown declared his death suicide due to “Contact Shotgun Wounds of Chest and Hanging”.

Middleton was a special assistant for Clinton in the early 1990s. Middleton was a special assistant to Clinton during the early 1990s. He gave Jeffrey Epstein access on seven of his 17 visits to the White House. Flight logs show that Middleton rode in Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane which carried several high-profile individuals to an island where they then sexually assaulted young girls.

Middleton left Clinton White House in 1995. Soon afterward, suspicions began swirling that he might have abused his position to impress business associates. Middleton refuted these accusations. He returned to Little Rock, Arkansas and joined the family’s HVAC company.

Middleton also left two daughters, Lindsay (18 and Lauren (20)). Middleton’s family said that he had suffered from depression prior to his death.