Joy Behar Blames Ohio Trump Supporters For Toxic Train Derailment Disaster

Joy Behar linked the derailment of the Ohio train to Trump supporters by linking it to the Trump administration’s relaxation of safety regulations.

“Can we talk about regulations for one more?” She interrupted. “Because it seems that Republicans are obsessed by the idea of the free marketplace and don’t like regulations.”

It means profit. When you deregulate, you get profit,” interjected co-host Sara Haines.

“Yeah! “Yeah! Behar continued. “And that’s why the industry is highly regulated. We must pay for safety standards and regulations otherwise we will all go up in flames.” “We’re all going up in flames!”

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Alyssa Griffin, co-host, pointed out that Norfolk Southern had lobbied Democrats and Republicans to degulate train carriers. But Behar continued to blame Trump supporters.

Behar stated, “I don’t know why they would vote for him, or for somebody who, by and large, he placed somebody connected to the chemical industry in charge EPA’s chemical safety office.”

“That’s the person you voted in that district!” She yelled, while looking into the camera.

Donald Trump is a danger to safety. She added that he did so in those days.

She then rejected another point made by Griffin who claimed that President Joe Biden had made a mistake in not being present in East Palestine to console residents.

They need to see past these photo ops and ask, “Who’s doing this job?” “Forget about the photo ops!” She concluded.

On February 3, the train carrying hazardous chemicals was unable to continue on its journey through East Palestine, Ohio. Federal officials are coordinating a response, but local residents report dead animals, polluted watersways and other health problems.

Buttigieg also blamed the Trump administration’s deregulation for the Ohio derailment. CNBC interviewed him and he seemed to downplay the tragedy by citing the statistic of approximately 1,000 train derailments per year in the United States.

According to a preliminary report of the National Transportation Safety Board, some deregulation was done during Trump’s presidency. However, these policies did not appear to be related to the Ohio derailment.