Congressmen Seek Investigation After Military Records’ Improper Release, Allege Politically Motivated Criminal Activity

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) and Rep. Zach Nunn (R-Iowa) are calling for an investigation after learning their military records were improperly released during midterm campaign season, Politico exclusively reported Tuesday.

Bacon stated that he understood the evidence had been handed over to the Department of Justice. He also said that he expected those who violate the law to be charged.

Bacon stated that this was more than Democrat operatives performing ‘dirty tricks’, and likely a violation of the law.

Nunn stated to the outlet that the recent targeting of members of Congress’s personnel military records and the breach of sensitive data… taken by political hackers isn’t just a violation of trust, but it’s also criminal.

Bacon wants to investigate Due Diligence LLC, a Democratic-linked opposition research company. Abraham Payton, an employee at Due Diligence LLC, was identified by the Air Force as the person who improperly requested Bacon’s records. This request was not honored by the Air Force.

According to Politico, Federal Election Commission records reveal that Due Diligence Group received $110,000 from the House Democratic Campaign Arm between January 2021 & December 2022.

According to reports, Bacon and Nunn were among the 11 people whose records were improperly released.

Ann Stefanek, a spokesperson for the Air Force, stated that “virtually all 11 were released to the same requester”.

“The Air Force Personnel Center Military Records Branch received multiple requests from Abraham Payton, Background Investigator Analyst with Due Diligence, LLC for your military records,” reads a letter from Major General Troy Dunn, United States Air Force.

The letter states that “Payton inappropriately requested your military records.”

Politico reports that Payton already had Bacon’s Social Security number when he requested Bacon’s personnel records. Payton was previously the research director of an American Democratic political group called American Bridge.

Bacon was also informed of the Air Force’s measures to prevent the unauthorized release of personally identifiable information from happening again. In the letter, Bacon states that an investigation revealed that there was no malicious intent or criminal action by the employee of [Air Force] in relation to the records breach.

According to reports, the Air Force informed Bacon and Nunn about the “unauthorized release of military records.”

Bacon was appointed to lead a House Armed Services subcommittee, the “quality-of-life panel”. This panel will address the unique challenges faced by military families that could lead to them leaving the service, or even deciding not to join.