Jen Psaki To Host New MSNBC Sunday Show

Jen Psaki, a former White House press secretary and MSNBC contributor, will host her weekly talk show on March.
Psaki will host the show’s premiere on March 19, and it will air Sundays at noon. “Inside With Jen Psaki” will feature interviews with lawmakers and analysts.

Psaki stated that he was aware of the fact people know who he is because he was standing behind a podium to speak on behalf of Joe Biden. “I’m not going to gratuitously attack his character, nor am i going to gratuitously praise him.”

“If he is worthy of applause, I will give him my applause. If he deserves critique, I will critique him,” she added.

Psaki will “contribute to a regular column” as well as “develop a new original streaming program set for launch this spring.”

According to the outlet, Psaki will continue to appear on various network shows.