Matt Gaetz Says Dems’ Dedicated to Wasting Our Money

The deadline for a government shutdown is September 30th.

Democrats attack the Republicans and do their “extreme MAGA Republican”, hoping that this targeting sticks. How dare Republicans refuse to continue spending at the same level as the Democrats and Biden’s team? This same spending has contributed to the inflation we are all suffering now. Imagine that you think paying attention to our spending and stopping further debts is a bad idea.

Democrats are always trying to convince the American public that Republicans don’t waste money and they are “extreme.” As I previously reported, however, a recent poll indicates that Americans don’t buy this line. In fact, the Biden team is so detested at this point that, if the shutdown occurs, many would blame Joe Biden. This is how deep the Democrats have dug themselves.

The Senate passed a continuing measure on Tuesday to keep the government running through November 17. The Senate intends to vote this week. The House has passed a few appropriations bills and will vote on the CR this Friday. Some, including Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, called for more spending control.

Gaetz talked about how bad things have gotten, with the country facing $2 trillion in annual deficits and $33 trillion of debt. He then delivered his most famous line, a slap at the Democrats.

The American dollar is devaluing so quickly that you cannot even bribe Democrat Senators in America with cash today! To get the job done you need gold bars, so the bribes will still have value! Gaetz declared.

This was a clear reference to the indictment against Senator Bob Menendez (D – NJ). The indictment stated that he received money for protection, favors, and acting for Egypt. In his home were allegedly found gold bars, jackets filled with cash, and a search warrant. A picture was included in the indictment.

Gaetz has a funny line about where we are because we haven’t addressed the problems. There’s the contrast.