Biden’s Gaffes and Pandering on Display at UAW Picket Line

Joe Biden appeared in Michigan on February 2nd to show his support for UAW, as they continue to strike against American automobile manufacturers.

The trip was organized after the UAW President personally invited the President to prevent Donald Trump from making a trip to the area on Wednesday. The former President will also speak in support of unions.

Despite both somewhat being on the same side of the issue, I’m sure the contrast with Trump is going to work out very well for Biden, though. After arriving at the picket line, Biden appeared confused at times, and that’s when he wasn’t shamelessly pandering.

He would sometimes wander around like a lost dog, ignoring the questions and trying to speak with a bullhorn. He avoided taking a specific position and instead offered a generic endorsement for the union’s struggle.

UAW, for example, is asking for a 46 percent increase in pay and a 32-hour week. Biden seems to think that this is a good idea, despite the fact car prices have already skyrocketed. Have you had enough of paying higher prices for goods just so politicians can appease tiny segments of the populace? I’m sure that you are.

This is a topic where many conservatives and I are currently politically homeless. Trump, as I have mentioned, is also heading to Michigan in an attempt to win voters in 2024 by taking the side of UAW. But at what price?

This is the question that I keep returning to. First, I am not convinced that sucking up the unions will be a winning strategy for Republicans in 2020 or 2022. What happens if UAW strikes? The car manufacturers are bound to fail again, and you and I would be on the hook for another bailout. Does this sound fair?

It was easier to do this when both parties were not fighting over who would simp for the unions the most. The ideological divide was clearer back then. If every decision made now is based on the attempt to consolidate subgroups of voters we will truly be left with a single party.

What’s next? What’s next? If you support the UAW, despite its outrageous demands from its members, you are essentially endorsing other union demands. This is not a desirable outcome.