Michelle Obama Earns $750K for Speech on Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

In a podcast entitled “Verdict With Ted Cruz”, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said that he believed former First Lady Michelle Obama would be “parachuted” in by the Democrat Party in 2024 to replace the mumbling and bumbling Joe Biden, who is 80 years old.

It’s not my place to disagree with Ted Cruz but I believe that Michelle Obama will never give up her lavish lifestyle. Here’s the latest example.

The former First Lady, 59, reportedly received $741,000 for an hour-long speech she gave in Munich, Germany on Monday. She spoke about a subject close to her heart, the importance of “inclusivity” and “diversity.”

According to the event website, she was to address 5,000 people at a side event of the annual Oktoberfest Beer Festival, as part of a narrative of inclusivity and diversity.

Michelle Obama has played this card before.

The Bits & Pretzels Conference is held over three days and features a number of international speakers who share their success stories. Michelle Obama also shares her story.

Michelle Obama’s greatest success, as far as I know, has been her marriage with the 44th President of the United States – and the wealth that has poured into their lives as a result.

A person who was close to the team that organized the conference has gushed about Obama’s speech.

They did everything they could to catch her. They paid the highest fee they’ve ever paid.

Swell, huh?

The International Business Times reports that Barack and Michelle Obama have a fortune of at least $70,000,000. The New York Post, however, estimates it at $135,000,000.

Listen, I do not begrudge Obama their wealth — at all.

Michelle Obama can earn nearly three-quarters of a million dollars for fluttering her gums. One wonders, how much of Michelle Obama’s massive wealth should be redistributed among the less fortunate, perhaps starting in her old haunts, Chicago’s notoriously criminal-ridden South Side.

Let’s go back to Cruz’s prediction for just a moment.

This is the scenario I believe to be most likely and dangerous. In 2024, in August, the Democrat kingmakers will jettison Joe Biden to parachute Michelle Obama into power.

Although we shouldn’t underestimate the arrogance or self-righteousness that either Obama possesses, I don’t think either one of them would want to return to the White House. While Barack as the “First Gentleman”, would certainly spawn an endless stream of hilarious jokes and memes.

the Obamas can have their proverbial cake and eat it too, while they call the shots behind the scenes, enjoy their luxury multimillion-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard, and continue to rake in a lot of cash.

Not a bad gig if you can get it.