Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Comeback Attempt: Desperate or Determined?

It’s hard being a New York Jets supporter. Although I’m not a Jets fan, I can feel their pain. Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles tendon tear on the first drive in the first game perfectly captured the pain of those who were affected by the offseason.

With Zach Wilson back at the helm, the Jets have lost two straight games by double digits. Is hope on the horizon, though? No, it’s not, but Colin Kaepernick is. According to a letter sent to the Jets organization, Kaepernick is making a desperate attempt to rejoin the NFL.

It’s important to note that I do not believe there is any chance at all that the Jets will sign Kaepernick for their practice squad. The practice squad is where teams place a younger, less-wanted quarterback they want to develop, without having to risk a contract. What’s the point in signing a 35-year-old who hasn’t played for seven years?

What NFL team would want to play a player who can’t seem to stop promoting communism or yelling racism every minute? The practice squad is expected to be quiet. Kaepernick’s presence would create a media storm, and he could end up embarrassing Jets players in an effort to raise his profile. Where’s the upside again?

Kaepernick has made some outrageous statements in the past. You might remember that he once likened playing in the NFL to slavery.

Kaepernick is narrating the action on screen, which shows athletes performing various drills in front of coaches, scouts, and team owners.

Kaepernick states, “What they do not want you to know is that what’s being set up is a power dynamics.” Teams poke, prod, and examine you before they put you out on the field. They are looking for defects that could affect your performance. No boundaries are respected. “No dignity left intact.”

The scene continues as Black players walk off the football pitch. As they pass Kaepernick in front, they are seen walking in chains into a cottonfield where a slave owner is auctioning the men off to other slave owners.

Why would Kaepernick (according to his own description) want to be voluntarily re-enslaved? It’s probably time someone asked him. I’m certain his answer would be very enlightening.

This shows that Kaepernick was a performer. He was loud when he made money from endorsements and documentaries. He’s fading in recent years, but he wants to return to the league that he compared to a slave sale. Nothing else will expose his previous motives.

It’s still funny to watch him beg.