Manifesto of Transgender Nashville Shooter Will Be Made Public

A transgender gunman killed six people at a Nashville Christian School. The manifesto she wrote was strongly suggested by authorities as the motivation behind the horrendous crime.

Merrick Garland, the politicized head of the DOJ, insisted that the motive for the attack was still unknown and that an investigation was ongoing. Local law enforcement would not release the manifesto because it is inconsistent with the way right-wing shooters have been treated in the past.

Recent information suggests there may have been a shift. Nashville City Councilman said clearly that the manifesto would soon be published (The New York Post ).

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s pre-killing spree manifesto is set to be released to the public after the FBI and its’ highly skilled team of criminal profilers analyze its contents, a Nashville Council Member revealed to The Post.

Robert Swope announced Wednesday, that the FBI’s Behavior Analyst Unit (MNPD) is working “in tandem” with the Metro Nashville Police Department. This will enable “a very thorough analysis” of certain aspects regarding the life of the shooter. ”

“The manifesto is going to be released. It’s just a matter of when. There are some incredibly brilliant psychological minds and psychological analysts combing through her entire life,” added Swope, who is a member of the City Council’s Public Safety, Beer and Regulated Beverages Committee.

This statement leaves room for error. Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, has refused to answer questions that have been asked for many years simply because an investigation is “ongoing”.

Could it be possible that the DOJ would act so outrageously in this case, after the shooter has died? It is encouraging to see that there are plans to release the manifesto.

It is vital that the views of the transgender maniac be known.