AOC Poses With Libs Of TikTok Founder, Shocks Dem Lawmaker With Notice Of Ethics Complaint

Ocasio Cortez was speaking at a House Oversight and Accountability Committee Meeting on February 8. She accused Chaya Rachik, creator and founder of Libs Of TikTok of lying when she claimed Boston Children’s Hospital now offers “gender affirming hysterectomies for young girls”.

Ocasio-Cortez said Raichik’s lies had “created into real life harassment and, ultimately, a Bomb Threat against the Boston Children’s Hospital.” ”

Raichik was charged with spreading false information. Raichik was accused of spreading false information. Fact-checks proved this. Raichik’s defense culminated with an ethics complaint against OcasioCortez.

What happened with AOC?

Raichik met Ocasio Cortez at his Cannon House Office Building office on Thursday to deliver the ethics complaint.

Lucky for Raichik! Ocasio Cortez ran into Raichik while she was walking through Capitol.

Raichik stopped OcasioCortez from taking a photograph. Raichik then told OcasioCortez all about the ethics complaint. OcasioCortez then insulted Raichik and fled.

Raichik told Ocasio Cortez that he had just filed a complaint against your office due to the lies you made about him at a hearing. Raichik claimed that he had never made a bomb threat.

“No. “No. Ocasio Cortez replied, “Thank you,” as she ran off.

What’s the purpose of an ethical complaint?
Fox News reports OcasioCortez was accused of violating House ethics regulations when she “knowingly, intentionally defame Chayaraichik (creator of viral Libs of TikTok account), falsely accusing her and disinformation about” her.

The complaint also defends Raichik’s allegations against Boston Children’s Hospital. Fox News:

Raichik’s claim that Boston Children’s Hospital performs gender affirming hysterectomies on young girls is supported in a nine-page complaint. Heritage also pointed out that the hospital’s website claims that it performs gender affirmation surgery on “eligible teenagers” and that the Journal of Clinical Medicine has documented that the hospital “performed 65 double masticotomies of minors within the span of three year.” ”

Heritage also has evidence that shows patients as young as 15 have undergone gender-affirmation surgery. “Genital surgery is only available to patients aged 18 and over,” the hospital stated on its website. ”
Ocasio Cortez may be charged with violating House ethics rules. The complaint seeks a reprimand from the Office of Congressional Ethics, Raichik’s apology and removal of Ocasio Cortez’s allegations from the congressional record.