Man Who Stabbed Two Cops in Times Square Left Chilling Manifesto

Trevor Bickford (19 years old) stabbed two cops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Authorities are still puzzled and wondering what the motive was behind the stabbing attack in Times Square by Trevor Bickford. Officials may not have recognized Bickford’s motive and aren’t sure what his true intentions are.

The New York Post reported Sunday that when he was arrested after the stabbings, Bickford had a handwritten note in his backpack, asking his family to “please repent to Allah and accept Islam.” The backpack also contained a “collection of religious material” that was unlikely to have been gospel tracts. Bickford wrote: “To my family — specifically, mother — I’m sorry for not having been a good enough son.” But then he gets down to brass tacks: “I fear greatly that you will not repent to Allah. And therefore I hold hope in my heart that a piece of you believes so that you may be taken out to [sic] the hellfire.”

Bickford also addressed the hope to Travis, his brother. Bickford also addressed the same hope to his brother, “To Travis. Bickford wrote his brother, who is reportedly in the U.S. Marine Corps, “To Devon, there was a time when we were close. That time is gone. You have become my enemy. You will not hear me speak kindly. Rejoin Allah.

The New York Post reported that Bickford wanted to “attack a uniformed officer” as well as “someone with a gun” because he considered these people to be “enemies”. The New York Post noted that Bickford wanted “to attack uniformed officers” and “someone holding a gun,” because he considered such people to be “enemies of the state.” The U.S. military.

How did Trevor Bickford come to think this way? According to the Daily Mail, he “appeared to be a typical, all-American teenager” who “once made the school honor roll, won awards for his artwork, and was a member of the championship football team in his hometown of Wells, Maine.” Then, however, his father died of a drug overdose, which must certainly have been deeply traumatizing, and Bickford converted to Islam. If authorities really want to understand Bickford’s motive, they should study carefully what they are almost certainly ignoring, such as the questions of how and where this young man converted to Islam, and how he got the idea that his new religion, which non-Muslim authorities all over the Western world assure us is completely peaceful and tolerant, commanded him to consider non-Muslims enemies and violently attack them.

These questions are never asked, much less answered, despite the fact that converts to Islam turning to jihad violence is a distressingly common phenomenon. American intelligence and law enforcement officials don’t want to do anything to give the impression that they don’t accept the dogma that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. The fact that converts to Islam such as Trevor Bickford, Allison Fluke-Ekren, Damon Joseph, Corey Johnson, and many, many others have somehow gotten exactly the opposite idea doesn’t ever make authorities pause and reflect upon their core assumptions.

Trevor Bickford’s story is not over. Biden has a tendency to focus on a fictional white supremacist terror threat. The high human cost of his handling of counterterror operations and willful ignorance comes at a steep price.