Kennedy Goes Off on DC Establishment for Protecting Hunter Biden

John Kennedy is the one who has the most hilarious take on Hunter Biden’s situation.

The sweetheart deal that was given to the son of the president, which is likely to result in him not serving any jail time, has been disappointing. As I have reported in the past on, it appears that far more serious crimes were ignored or left until the statutes of limitations expired. We’re supposed to think that this is just the way things are done. If you had committed the same gun crime as Hunter Biden (illegal possession while using illegal drugs), DOJ protocols would have been fighting to lock you up for years.

Kennedy, in a hilarious way, notes that not only federal law enforcement seems to have it in the bag but also the Washington, DC establishment, which has been trying to convince everyone what a great guy Hunter Biden really is.

Kennedy: I’m not sure if Mr. Hunter Biden has committed a criminal offense. I don’t even know if Mr. Biden has committed a criminal act. We are trying to find out the truth. But I know it, and I believe the American people will see it. Washington’s managerial elite, or establishment, if you prefer, works harder than a stripper to hide whatever happened. The Congress wants the facts.

It’s possible that I am from the South but I think the average guy in his 60s-80s has the best ability to convey a message. These grandpas seem to have a Rolodex full of insults and quips stored in their brains, ready for use at any moment. Kennedy has done this for many years and is still a treasure to the nation.

He’s more lenient than I am about whether Hunter Biden has committed a criminal act (they’re talking about the foreign dealings and not the other criminal things he’s been charged with), but I’m not a Senator who must be careful not to get ahead of myself. I’m allowed to speculate, as long as it is within reason. Kennedy is the chair of a committee, and he must be more cautious.

He is right, however, about the establishment. The DOJ has not been the only one to go out of its way to defend Hunter Biden. The national press has also done so, spinning the situation into that of a troubled teen despite the fact that the president’s own son is in his fifties. Hunter Biden is constantly brushed aside, even though he bilks taxpayers by attending state dinners and staying at the White House.

If the man sank into the background and hid for a bit, that would be one thing. It would still be scandalous, but at least it wouldn’t be as obvious. Instead, the president and his son have flaunted their alleged misconduct. It is frustrating to hear the bureaucratic or press elites telling us that we should just ignore the situation, or that Hunter Biden was a good man who had a bad patch. We’re talking about a man who denied his last name out of spite to his daughter.

The Bidens don’t make a good family. The Bidens are among the most degenerate and elitist villains I have ever seen on a national stage. They can try to cover it up, but the establishment won’t.