Nigel Farage Barred From UK Banking System: Is This Political Persecution?

There will always be an England, goes the saying. But will there? If what’s happening to former party leader and Brexit champion Nigel Farage is any indication, that charming old axiom may have reached its sell-by date.

Farage’s editorial “After My Banking Terrors, I Fear Britain is Lost,” tells an alarming tale of institutionalized discrimination and political bigotry. This combines systemic abuse, once associated with Soviet regimes but now commonplace in the United States, with the type of social credit tyranny seen in China.

“…We live through the politicization of our corporate sector.” Farage writes: “Woe to you if you don’t conform to its worldview.” “This was made clear to me by my bank, which has been my bank since 1980.” “They told me that they were closing my accounts with no explanation.” “A bank account is essential to any business.” “It is alarming that a bank can punish people who it believes have made mistakes or gone astray.”

He goes on to detail his financial ostracization at the bank after the bank refused to accept his business, and he gives examples of other politicians — always conservative — to whom it has also happened. Not only are these victims “unpersoned” and rendered unable to conduct business or even function in society, but they also face psychological extortion from vast, faceless institutions as their family members suffer the same fate. Basically, the banks tell the target, “Step down from politics or the kid gets it.”

These powerful financial corporations need a fig leaf to justify their abuses for PR purposes. This is provided by either a legislative body or an executive authority. In the U.S. it is common to report a crime and then have the media magnify it. This was the standard practice in Stalin’s Russia, but has now become the norm in the U.S. Farage reveals what he’s been falsely accused of and you won’t believe it.

For years, I’ve been falsely accused that I had financial ties to Russian funding. Despite the fact that this is nonsense and has been proven to be false, MPs used their parliamentary privileges to accuse people involved in the Brexit campaign. Sir Chris Bryant, a Labour MP who was in the Commons at the time, claimed that I had received PS548,573 “from the Russian State” in a calendar year. I have repeatedly asked him and the Speaker of the House to retract this statement but to no avail.

You’re right: Russian Collusion!!!

In a rare in-front-of-the-paywall Substack post, the indispensable Doomberg explains the mechanism by which the Leftie fascists in British Parliament launched the premise for de-banking Farage:

The British parliamentary system grants elected politicians significant privileges as they serve the public. The most notable of these is the much more expansive definition of free speech than the average citizen enjoys, which is an important allowance considering the notoriously strict laws on libel in the UK. The members of parliament can say anything they want without worrying about civil or criminal penalties.

The purpose of parliamentary immunity is to protect politicians from outside interference, especially by wealthy litigious individuals. However, the advantage is often abused in order to score cheap points through dirty tricks. If you’re a person with a poor moral compass it is easy to falsely accuse a political opponent of committing a heinous act and then watch the media frenzy that results, all while smirking. The victims of these smears often challenge the perpetrators with “I dare that you repeat that outside of Parliament”. However, they are rarely taken up by cowards.

This is a sad reality in the United States, as well. Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney on the Senate floor of not paying his taxes for 10 years during the 2012 election campaign. He later justified the slander by saying “Romney did not win, did it?”

Back to Doomberg

After Putin’s illegitimate invasion, any business association with Russia became a liability. Several politicians took advantage of this situation by cynically exploiting it. Chris Bryant was one of the most enthusiastic opportunists. He was a Labour Party Member of the House of Commons and the chair of the Standards and Privileges Committees. Bryant, a Labour Party member of the House of Commons and chair of the Standards and Privileges Committees, took the floor in mid-March 2022 to fire a vindictive rocket at an old opponent (emphasis throughout).

“I’m mystified as to why some people, including broadcasters, are still not on the list of [imposed sanctions]… I just want to point out that Nigel Farage has received PS548,573 in 2018 from Russia Today alone — this is money from the Russian government.”

What’s the problem? This was a bold, knowing lie. Bryant provided no proof to support his eerie (and easily falsifiable assertion). Since then, he has refused to make any comment about the matter or repeat his allegations outside of parliamentary protection. Farage, for his sake and that of the alleged accusers, loudly denied them from the moment the accusations were made. This apparent libel is still in the Parliamentary record.

In another example of this vile American practice, the U.S. House of Representatives censured Adam Schiff, a Californian Democrat, for among other slanders lending “credibility to Steele dossier, a collection of debunked allegations of collusion funded by President Trump’s political opponents, by reading false Steele accusations into the Congressional Record”, back in 2017.

Since the Left has taken over all institutions, they are now working together to destroy political opponents. It is clear that pro-liberty politicians (and their families, associates, and supporters) are being persecuted around the world. Nigel Farage was falsely accused in England and had his bank account closed. Donald Trump has been de-platformed endlessly and is constantly harassed by the U.S. List goes on.

It is amazing that conservative, patriotic, and pro-liberty leaders around the world are found to be corrupt. Meanwhile, leaders on the left are as pure and scandal-free as wind-driven snow and radiate righteousness from their pores. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

What happens when the entire world becomes a Stalinist-ChiCom-banana republic? We may soon find out.