Anti-Child-Trafficking Thriller Clears $10M In Presales Before July 4 Opening

Jeffrey Harmon, the co-founder of Angel Studios, the company that distributes “Sound of Freedom”, has objected since to the label “conservative” originally applied to this film in this article, highlighting online that this is “NOT a conservative movie.” … “It is not at all political.”

The success of “Nefarious,” the Christian independent horror movie starring Sean Patrick Flenery, based on the novel by Blaze TV’s Steve Deace and starring Sean Patrick flanery, has shown that Hollywood’s day may be numbered.

Deadline reports that Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom”, starring Jim Cavizel, made more than $10 million in pre-sales before its Independence Day premiere. According to the company’s ticket tracker, at the time of publication it had sold over 1.1m tickets and was close to its six-day landmark of 1.2m tickets.

The team behind its release believes it will make $20 million in the first week, while playing in approximately 2,600 theaters across the country. Comparatively, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”, which cost around $295 millions to produce before marketing, only brought in $60 in its debut in the United States.

The film is a high-quality production, and critics of the establishment are unable to ignore it.

Owen Gleiberman wrote in Variety that the movie is not “a glorified ‘Rambo’ movie or a Netflix drama pretending to be serious.”

It is a “movie that sheds a real light on one the most important criminal horrors in our time. Hollywood has largely avoided it.”

Hollywood has not only shied away from the issue but also decided to scrap this film.

Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, which had completed the film in 2018. However, Disney has since shelved it, choosing instead to produce box office bombs, leftist propaganda, and uninvited retreads.

Eduardo Verastegui is a producer of the movie. He told the Washington Examiner, that Netflix and Amazon did not want to distribute it. Verastegui then spoke with Neal Harmon, the co-founder of Angel Studios and its CEO, in late fall.

Variety reported that the Utah-based firm, which made its name with faith-based productions such as “The Chosen”, agreed to distribute this film, having acquired worldwide rights in March.

The Wall Street Journal reported the cost of the film’s release was fully covered by a public investment round that was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Harmon said, “‘Sound of Freedom,’ is an enthralling film that tells the story of a man’s heroic effort to rescue children from trafficking.” “Through this powerful experience in cinema, we hope to amplify the growing movement to expose and bring to light this heinous violation of the human rights of the people and inspire them to take action to help their communities end this modern day slavery.”

“Sound of Freedom”, a true story, tells of the former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard who saved abducted children from sex traders around the globe when other agents were unable to do so.

Ballard launched Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) in 2013. The group has carried out sting operations both at home and abroad, and provided resources to law enforcement agencies in order to combat the $150 billion sex trade industry. The group is said to have played a role in arresting over 4,000 predators, rescuing over 6,000 survivors, and supporting over 1,000 operations.

The film focuses on Ballard’s transition from DHS to private actor. He saves missing children in Honduras, and builds his own independent team.

Matt Osborne (our Rescue’s president and COO, a former CIA officer) told Fox News Digital that the real-life operation ‘Triple Take’ was based on what you see in ‘Sound of Freedom’. In October 2014, in Colombia’s three major cities, we assisted the Colombian authorities, as well as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to rescue 123 victims of human trafficking in an hour. 55 of them were minors.

Caviezel portrays Ballard, who Variety described as “a beauteous G.I. Joe meets George C. Scott from ‘Hardcore,’ and an avenging Jesus.

The devout Christian actor had played Jesus before in Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.”

The actor said on Fox’s podcast “Lighthouse Faith,” “My wife, and I, adopted three children from China.” And I was very aware of… the dangers and problems that children worldwide face.

Caviezel, a proud American father, said that the story touched him deeply as well. “300,000 American children aged under 18 were lured to the sex-trafficking business.” We are the largest consumers of child pornography and trafficking in the world. The United States – the land of freedom and the brave. This is absurd. “The film is a danger.”