Church Members Burn ‘Demonic’ Statue Found After Robbery

Members of a Texas church performed a ceremony to destroy a “demonic” statue that they discovered at their place of worship a week after a robbery.

“It’s disheartening. Bishop James Dixon of Community of Faith Church, Acres Homes of North Houston said: “It is sad that people would do such a thing.”

The statue was discovered earlier in the day, on Sunday, in the church’s gazebo. The members of the church gathered with the church leader and set the statue ablaze. They also prayed for the sanctity of their church.

“This is sacrilegious. This is the holy land. This is our church,” said a church member to KHOU.

The statue looked like “Santa Muerte”, a bizarre object that drug cartels and other criminals worship, even though the Catholic Church does not endorse it.

A week had passed since the church was robbed. The robbers were captured on video using a cart to drag away the safe which contained money and documents from the church.

Dixon said to KHOU, “Here we are a week after the incident and we have to defend ourselves again and pray against the works done by the enemy.”

Dixon stated that after the robbery they were praying for those responsible to repent and turn themselves in.

“We destroyed the works of the devil,” Dixon said. “We’ve never had this before. So it hurts, you know, to know that this church does so much good for so many people.”

In 2013, a Catholic church official called the worship of Santa Muerte “the celebration of devastation and of hell.”

Here is a local report on the incident.