Kathy Hochul Self-Sabotages Campaign With Telling Response When GOP Opponent Confronts Her About Crime

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, (D), raised eyebrows Tuesday after she ridiculed Republican Lee Zeldin’s emphasis on fighting crime. This is a key issue in New York’s governor’s race.

What Happened

Zeldin was a New York governor hopeful on Tuesday. He reiterated his promise that he would declare a “crime crisis” if elected.

Zeldin said that he would declare an emergency and suspend cashless bail. Different priorities are common.

He stated, “Halfway through the debate, she still hadn’t discussed locking down anyone who has ever committed any crime.”

Hochul said that New York crimes have consequences, but then she made an amazing comment.

She stated that she did not understand crime and why it was so important.

Zeldin earlier pointed out that Hochul doesn’t offer a plan to combat crime in the Empire State. Instead, she is focusing on the limitation and use of Second Amendment rights.

Zeldin said that Kathy Hochul believed the only crimes committed were those with guns. People are being forced into subway cars by fearful individuals and stabbed to death with hammers in the streets.

He said, “Talk with the Asian American community, how it has affected them, the loss, Jewish people being attacked with raw, violent Antisemitism on our streets — it just happened yet again.” “We should be discussing these other crimes, but Kathy Hochul is busy praising herself for a job well accomplished. ”

What about crime in NY?

Hochul’s campaign is going to be hurt if Hochul downplays criminal justice.

Quinnipiac’s most recent survey found that crime is the top issue facing New Yorkers. It has now surpassed inflation and other economic woes.