Twitter Employees Panned For Letter To Elon Musk Demanding Continued Employment, Safety

A letter purportedly written by or on behalf of Twitter employees was posted online this week to poor reviews. Critics responded by accusing Twitter employees of being spoilt brats.

Time received a draft from Independent. Independent claimed the letter was not published but circulated among Twitter employees.

Respect the platform and all those involved in maintaining it by agreeing to maintain the current headcount
“Safety from Discrimination”;

A visa status may be revoked by foreign employees, which could result in “safety”
“dignity. ”

This was in response to reports that Musk intends to cut the number of employees by as much as 75%, from 7,500 to 2000 when he assumes control of the company.

These “negligent layoff threat” “will damage Twitter’s [ability to serve the public]” and act “worker intimidation,” claim the letter signers.

The letter ends by asking that the undersigned be not considered “merely pawns in a game being held by billionaires”.

Dave Rubin’s content has been freed from tech censorship. The Rubin Report can be accessed now.
Although Twitter employees may take it seriously, many right-leaning individuals see it as a digital temper tantrum.

National Pulse Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief, called it “the wailings of the participation trophy generation.” ”

Jeff Carlson, EpochTV founder wrote “It’s funny Twitter’s own workforce describes precisely WHY Elon should get rid 75% Twitter employees.” ”

Jason Howerton, an investor, said that “If my job was to be kept, then I’d work hard to show @elonmusk what value I bring to this company.”

Musk has not commented on the letter. He has also not expressed his opinions about the current Twitter workforce. Musk claims he will fight to ensure free speech on the platform.

Musk tweeted Wednesday that “I will not let you down.”

He will join Twitter officially on Friday.