Wife Buys Husband $2K Sex Doll to Look Like Her, Then Spends $11K to Look Like It

Where is the culture relationally? This is not far from the situation in London that involves a doll.

Char Grey, 23, spent $1,800 in June 2021 on a prize for Callum, her 28-year-old husband. The prize: A dirty doll called Dee.

According to the New York Post Char was at that time struggling with her husband’s high level of libido.

To ease the pressure if she’s feeling low, [She] purchased a sex doll that looks like her.

Unexpectedly, Char fell in love with the latex lover.

Char said that Dee is more than a doll. She said, “We are really attached to her. She has helped to strengthen our relationship and set our sexual lives ablaze.

Is anyone up for a field trip?

Dee is now an integral part of the couple’s relationship, beyond the bedroom.

Callum and Char dress the doll in white lingerie and take her on car rides. They also have her beside them as they watch The Inbetweeners together.

There has been a seismic shift: Char originally chose the doll as it looked like her. Dee is their core dee-light and now she wants to look just like it.

Char, an OnlyFans girl, is spending her money.

In an effort to look like their sex doll, she spent over $11,000 on cosmetic procedures

Char told NeedToKnow.online that she thinks she’s beautiful and wants to be exactly like her. “I have had several types of filler done to make me look more like her. I also had a nose job.

The West has seen a new sexual revolution in the last few years. All conventions have been overthrown; all bets are off.

Back to Char, Callum and Dee — AKA Delilah – The wife is willing to conform to her husband’s polymer-compound concubine.

Char is now hooked on breast implants and wants to imitate Delilah.

Char stated that we need to fit her for a bra and then I’ll investigate a boob job. But she’s huge.” “I’m willing and able to spend whatever it takes and I believe that in the end, I’ll feel more confident about myself and my appearance.”

It’s a sign of the future. There are many options for inanimate admirers.

Char is not the first to lust after the looks of a dummy in an age of Instagram models. Char isn’t the first to lust after a dummy, given her cultural history. Breast implants and nose jobs are not major moves. The future is fuller when it comes to dollish good looks.