Karine Jean-Pierre Degenerates Dems With Her Latest Comment on Inflation

We have seen Joe Biden’s team make many bad policy decisions and moves. We witnessed how they were flailing Monday over the stock exchange going into the trash.

Biden has made the United States a mess on almost every front. It would be difficult to pick which issue is the most serious, but inflation is undoubtedly a top candidate.

The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke on Monday night to CNN with Don Lemon, revealing their ignorance about their approach.

First, she lied to Biden about the state of the country at the time that Biden was elected.

She said that the economy was not in a “great place.”

Jean-Pierre informs Lemon that “we have to remember where the country was” before Biden “stepped into office.”

While some businesses were still closed, inflation and gas prices didn’t spiral out of control. Contrary to her statements, we had a “comprehensive COVID Strategy” — in fact, that’s how the Biden team was given a vaccine plan and vaccine. But, the Biden team still has more COVID victims than they had anticipated, despite having the vaccines, treatments, and their “strategy” in place. Then, she made a big statement, saying that only Democrats had passed the American Rescue Plan and that it was “his (Biden’s) plan.”

Don Lemon responded with a question. He pointed out that economists pointed to Biden and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, as part of the reason why inflation is so high. You can see that even Don Lemon understands it. This is why Biden and the Democrats have problems. Jean-Pierre asked him if the Biden team was responsible. You can see her blinking. Even though she doesn’t believe anything she says, it’s the reason she has so much trouble with it.

Jean-Pierre stated that the exact thing that caused inflation was “put us into a position where the American people feel can, can — actually — we can take down inflation.”

This is delusional, and it’s not reality.

They are either incredible liars or they don’t have any economic sense. It’s also insulting to our intelligence that she claims that the same thing that caused inflation can help us manage it. This is a historic situation. These people are incompetent, trying to ruin the economy. They are not responsible for their actions, and they don’t feel ashamed about the damage they caused.

She did however make an important point, which sinks the Democrats regardless of whether she realized it or not: that the Plan was all about Biden and the Democrats. When the American people think about the causes of their suffering, as they enter the polling booth, they can recall Karine Jean Pierre’s words and decide who they should boot out of office.