Leaked Internal Twitter Slack Chat: I Don’t Think De-platforming Libs of TikTok Is Going to Cause a Mass Exodus

Twitter’s Twerps plan to block the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, which reposted flyers about “family Pride Events,” that had seen protesters against the public sexualization and grooming of children during “Pride”.

Protesters demolished a San Francisco library’s drag-queen story hour. “This account, which started posting cringe compilations three months ago, now targets selection for domestic terrorists. ”

This account posts video evidence and other gross grooming behavior targeted at children at Pride events across America. They don’t care if more people know. The “Drag your Children to Pride” Dallas event was a great success. Protesters showed up to inform parents who had brought their children to gay bars about something wrong.

Raichik seems to be the only person receiving death threats. She says she’s moved around to make sure they investigate. Elon Musk asked Twitter why they weren’t doing anything.

Twitter does have at least one mole, who sent Libs Of TikTok. Twerp 2 says that de-platforming this account could lead to a loss of trust and confidence from those who believe that we are irredeemably biased towards conservatives.

A Twerp says that Trump was de-platformed. However, I don’t believe de-platforming Libs of TikTok would cause a mass exodus. But, it may be in our fiduciary interest not to ban high-profile accounts right now.

“Transpeople are being targeted to Genocidal Violence in Pride Month,” stated another person with no grasp or awareness of reality.

Raichik’s posts against trans people and other forms of violence have not resulted in any “genocidal violence”. Raichik hasn’t suggested that there should be.

Elon Musk was trying to purchase Twitter. He said that the platform cannot be considered fair and inclusive if it favors half the country.

Musk should first investigate the issues and then move forward with the purchase. Alternatives such as Truth Social and Parler are not viable. We need a larger platform with influence and reach to make a difference in official narratives.

We should also ask ourselves why the rainbow team wants to keep their pride events private from their children. Why is this so embarrassing?

Let me tell you what’s really going on in America. Children are no longer allowed to be themselves. Schools, libraries, and elementary schools have all been closed. Cartoons and Disney World are also not safe. Now it is unsafe for children to be out in public without being exposed the street debauchery.

Gays Against Grooming has a new Twitter account. It is a protest against the insane woke Pride grooming. GAG tweeted this message after a video in which a mother made her son watch pride-goers twerking.

Mike Harlow of the WalkAway Campaign stated that “this has nothing whatsoever to deal with LGBT people.” Mike Harlow, of the WalkAway Campaign, stated that “This has nothing whatsoever to do with LGBT people.”

Accounts like Libs of TikTok provide an important service showing parents what’s really going on out there and the real dangers to kids inside the radical rainbow cult. Libs of TikTok and others who bring these events to public awareness should be given awards, not banned from social media. Will Libs of TikTok survive the planned purge? Will Musk finally pull through and buy Twitter and oust the censorious Twerps? Only time will tell.