Kansas Democrat Faces Pressure to Resign After He Votes to Protect Kids and Women’s Sports

After voting to protect women’s sports from male infiltration, a Kansas state Democrat is under pressure to resign.

Rep. Marvin Robinson (D), a freshman state legislator, represents a section of Kansas City, Kansas. This area is described by News-Press Now as “heavily Democratic.” Robinson, despite being from a deeply blue district has been in trouble with his fellow Dems.

Robinson cast the crucial vote that allowed a law to protect women’s sports to become effective on Wednesday. Robinson voted initially against the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. But when Democratic Gov. Robinson voted against the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act when it was first introduced. However, after Laura Kelly vetoed the bill on March 17, Robinson joined other Republicans to vote to override Kelly’s veto. Robinson barely passed the threshold of two-thirds needed for a successful override. The measure will now go into effect when the state Senate voted 28-12 to repeal Kelly’s veto.

Robinson said that Democrats and radical voters tried to force him to agree to their agenda when he was asked why he had changed his mind. Robinson claimed that such people were “rude, insulting, and attacking”. Robinson claimed that a female Democrat colleague had told him that he “should be dead” because he voted to override his veto vote, but he refused to name the victim.

Another Democrat from Kansas City is Rep. Heather Meyer. She has been a vocal advocate for allowing men to take part in women’s sports. News-Press Now reported that Meyer, who is married, is bisexual and claims to have a 13-year-old transgender son. Meyer denied that Robinson would have been threatened by any Democrat.

Meyer stated, “We care about mental well-being, and we care for our colleagues, even when we disagree.”

Some Kansas Dems called for Robinson to resign immediately, despite the appearance of collegiality. Vic Miller, Kansas House Democratic Leader, said that Robinson is voting more with one party than with the others. He also stated that he would be happy if Robinson resigned.

Miller added, “He ran as a Democrat but he doesn’t seem to be serving like a Democrat.”

Brandie Armstrong, a chairperson of the LGBT caucus, stated that Rep. Robinson would allow hatred to override his commitment to Democratic values. “Democrats are not represented in Kansas, so the minimum that anyone who claims to belong to our party can do for Kansas represents our ideals.”

Although he didn’t call for Robinson to resign from his position, Stacy Cay (transgender activist) is also trying to launch a social media campaign against Robinson, asking for supporters to “beg” Robinson to vote for trans people in the future.

Robinson is a particular worry for Leftists right now, as he can help Republicans override another possible veto. Robinson and other members of the state legislature approved HB2236. This law gives parents the right to raise their children according to their morals and values, and “object to harmful or inappropriate educational materials” at schools.

“If there is one family that is denied their rights, then we need to address them,” stated Susan Estes (R. Wichita), the state representative who introduced the bill.

Now, the measure goes to Gov. Kelly’s desk. Robinson will be needed to help Republicans override her veto if she decides to veto it. Kelly’s intentions to veto this measure are not known.