Biden Holds Trump Accountable for Chaotic Afghanistan Withdrawal

It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain any sense of reality when you live in a country that allows the president to claim up is down, right is left, black is white, men are women, and has the media willing and able to sell his delusions.

Scholars have quoted William L. Shirer’s book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich 60 years after its publication. He also noted something similar while reporting from Nazi Germany. Shirer was occasionally called to London for a few weeks or days. He was shocked when he returned to Berlin to find the Nazi propaganda nonsense.

We have many more information sources than Shirer. However, the pathology of left-wing propagandism makes it more difficult to find an alternative reality.

Joe Biden’s National Security Council conducted a review of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. This withdrawal left behind thousands of Americans (after they were told that they were out), and billions of dollars worth of military equipment. It also resulted in the death sentence for an unknown number of Afghan citizens who assisted the U.S. in its 20-year war.

On Thursday, a 12-page summary of the review was released. It absolved the Biden administration as well as Biden of any wrongdoing.

The White House summarizes that President Biden’s decisions regarding how to withdraw from Afghanistan were greatly constrained by the conditions created by his predecessor. The White House continued that the Taliban held the country’s most powerful military position since 2001. They controlled or contested nearly half of it.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board criticized the report for glossing over Biden’s failures in a sharp editorial.

Although Mr. Trump wanted to withdraw troops from Syria, which he likely would, Mr. Biden did not run to be President to support Mr. Trump’s policies. Biden ran as an adult in the White House and was not under any obligation to the Taliban for their failure to honor the terms of the agreement with Trump. Many of Mr. Biden’s advisors tried to tell him that, including U.S. Military General Officers and European Allies who preferred a small residual force of allied troops.

Although the report criticizes overly optimistic intelligence agency assessments of the Afghan army’s willingness and ability to fight, it also states that Biden followed the military commander’s recommendations for the pacing of the drawdown of U.S. troops.

Biden made one decision after another to accelerate the Taliban’s takeover. It was completely unnecessary, but it was amazing. Biden was at a stage in his presidency when he wanted to be the total and complete opposite of Trump. The president created border policies that led to massive illegal aliens entering the United States. Biden changed course and started implementing many of Trump’s policies.

According to the White House, “the speed at which the Taliban took control” indicated that only a few thousand troops were available. This conveniently ignores Mr. Biden’s decisions that contributed to the country’s rapid descent into chaos. Biden pulled out the support and maintenance contracts that Afghan troops depended on to fight and then criticized them for not being willing to sacrifice. The U.S. military shut down Bagram Air Base’s airfield due to political constraints. This was a “strategic error” according to a Senate report. The U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was a shock to Afghan allies who woke up at Bagram one morning to discover that they had left.

In terms of learning lessons from the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the NSA report is worthless. The White House is extremely pleased with this first-class piece of propaganda writing.