Now You Can Get a Hunter Biden Painting for Only $85,000

Hunter Biden’s work is now available, so if you have been patiently waiting for prices to drop on his masterpiece paintings, you now have the chance. While the originals of the new Picasso were sold for half a million dollars recently, you can now get your Hunter Biden original suitable for framing and wrapping fish for an affordable $85,000. This bodes ill for Hunter’s foreseeable future. Will he end up being the next van Gogh, starving in a garret, with the mastery of his work only appreciated after his death? Or is access to Old Joe Biden just not in as much demand as it used to be?

Hunter’s new bargain-basement rates could reflect the fact Hunter’s asking price was “exorbitant,” according to USA Today. This was after the House Oversight and Accountability Committee asked uncomfortable questions back in February. USA Today reports that Rep. James Comer (R.Kentucky) called Hunter’s asking price “exorbitant” in light of Hunter’s status as a “novice art” and “questioned whether it amounted to influence peddling over federal policies.”

Hunter presented his new masterpieces at a cut rate to the world Thursday in New York City, regardless of the reasons for inflation. The new paintings are strikingly different from the ones he had in his previous exhibition. These were vibrantly colored, slightly abstracted forest scenes and floral arrangements. The new Hunter paintings feature colorful squares and rectangles.

Hunter Biden is more than an artist savant. He is also a master of many styles. Has anyone considered the possibility that Hunter might have a team of talented artists who turn his paintings into reality? Could it be that two artists created the paintings? One spectator commented that he loved the variety of each piece. He has a wide range of styles in his paintings, which speaks highly about him.” Or somebody.

Hunter’s latest paintings are part of the exhibit “Bridging the Abstract” at the Georges Berges Gallery, Soho. Georges Berges may be familiar to you. He is the clown who insists that Hunter Biden, while he may not be a true artist, is an honest man. Berges stated in February that he knows there is a lot of politics at the moment, which is a shame as his work is important, and not only is it good. Hunter Biden will be a major artist in the 21st century, as the world is more dependent on his art than ever.

Well, maybe. It’s difficult to determine which artworks are worth high prices in these days of abstract art, the hate of expertise, and traditional beauty. Jackson Pollock was a celebrated painter, and Cy Twombly was a writer, so Hunter Biden can do the same with his tiny colored boxes and bars. It’s a bizarre coincidence that so many people would spend top dollar to have a sit-down meal with Hunter and his father. On Thursday, Hunter displayed three pieces at the Berges gallery. They were priced at $85,000 each. Berges explained that he was considering this show as a collection of new and abstract artists. I was able to see a lot of the [Biden] work in a historical context and it fitted really well into the exhibition.

Georges Berges doesn’t know what’s in it, but it would be an incredible coincidence if he was correct about Hunter Biden’s artistic talent. The son of a crackhead, whose father is the president of the United States, who took up a lucrative job in an area in which he was not qualified, and who has been accused of selling access to his father’s money, Hunter Biden turns out to be an extraordinary artist whose work fetches outrageous prices. What are the odds?

Berges insists that “a lot of people are interested” in his art. His work is being noticed by the most serious art professionals. Let’s just hope that the House Oversight and Accountability Committee pays close attention.