Kamala’s Unwise New Plan to Combat the Border Crisis

Our maladroit veep announced a “new plan” to address the Biden Border Crisis after it has been more than a whole year since Vice President Kamala “Root Causes” Harris was anywhere near the Southern Border.

By new plan, we mean it is the same as the new plan.

On Tuesday, the ever-clever Harris announced that the Biden Administration’s plan for attracting U.S. investment in Central America — part of the effort to reduce illegal migration, you know — had generated $3.2 billion in private-sector commitments. According to the AP Harris made the announcement at the Summit of the Americas which brings together countries across the hemisphere.

We are confident that America’s people will be better off if they have stable and prosperous neighbors. We can also provide economic opportunities for Central American people, which is a key driver of migration.

While I don’t mean to be critical, the American people would greatly benefit from a stable and prospering American economy.

Harris stated that she would be focusing on “empowering women who are facing poverty and violence in the home country,” referring in particular to the “In Her Hands,” initiative which, according to AP “aims to connect more females to the banking system, assist them in agriculture, and provide them training in coding, cybersecurity, and coding.”

If you improve the economic standing of women, you also lift the economic status of her families and communities, as well as the entire hemisphere.

It is continuing its journey to Joe Biden’s America, with at least 10,000 soon-to-be illegal immigrants. One Haitian migrant said, “Now we need his promise to keep his word.”

There are many obvious questions.

Why is it that “we” are responsible for providing economic opportunities to people in Central America, Mexico, and other countries on the planet, other than ours?

Moreover, Central American poverty can be attributed to decades of corruption in government rather than the U.S. not providing adequate “investment” — U.S. taxpayer bailouts. So how does sending more money to corrupt politicians help to end corruption?

Kamala, where does it all end? From every corner of the globe, illegal immigrants “seeking better lives” continue to flood into America. Is it up to us to provide economic opportunities for them all? Is that where it ends?

Lastly, and most importantly, what happens in the interim in this country as millions of Americans are in economic distress while gas prices continue to rise? What about grocery bills? What is the cost of used cars? This list could go on.

The Bottom Line: Biden’s approach to his self-created border crises and self-created oil/gas price crises is similar to that of the whole Democrat Party. Both are motivated by the long-term goals of the left.

The oil and gas crisis – evil “fossil fuels” — has led to the overarching objective of “green energy.” This is what the goal is in the case of the border crisis. It is designed to permanently alter the political landscape in America and eventually lead, as Democrats mistakenly believe, to a permanent Democrat minority.

In both cases, Democrats believe that the hardships facing everyday America during the interim are nothing more than “necessary Evils” at best, and “incredible,” as Joe said about out-of-control gas prices.

And if you don’t like any of it? Let the fearmongering, ad hominems, and silly labeling begin.