Climate Crusade Disgraces the Environmental Movement

Environmentalism’s focus on one cause is a disgrace. This movement is more concerned about political correctness and the profit of multinational “green” energy companies than it is with the plight of the poor around the globe.

The problem lies in the ridiculous belief that we can stop dangerous climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

World Environment Day is held every year on June 5. It gives an indication of how dominant climate changes are, and the impact they have on other environmental issues. 17400 results are returned for “Land Pollution”. 14200 are “Species at risk”.

Climate change was the main focus of Earth Day, which took place on April 22nd.

Earth Day saw the word “climate” 10 times on

This holds true for Earth Hour, March 28th, and Earth Month April 1st. Climate change is the dominant theme of environmentalism.

This is a trend that has been occurring for years. Earth Day 2020’s website called climate change the “greatest challenge to humanity” and highlighted the vitality of the life-support system that makes this world possible. ”

A majority of people worldwide disagree. Nearly 10,000,000 people participated in the UN’s My World poll, which was conducted online between 2013-2020. “Action on Climate Change” was last, despite it being the UN’s first priority.

UN poll asked people to vote for the six most important global goals. “Climate Action”, currently ranks 9th out of 17 goals. This is approximately one-tenth of the votes.

Gallup suggested that there are many reasons why Gallup polls in 2015 showed low concern for environmental problems. Environmentalists should be concerned for one reason.

Gallup reported that the primary concern of the environment movement has moved to long-term threats like global warming. These are issues Americans don’t worry about as much as they do about pollution. Gallup found that Americans don’t worry as much about global warming today as they did in 1989 when the issue was first brought up by Gallup.

Most people are sensible and environmentalists.

Climate Change Reconsidered series reports from the Nongovernmental International Panel of Climate Change reveal that scientists are still divided on the causes of climate change. If we don’t make fundamental changes, we can be certain that carbon dioxide from our homes will cause a global emergency.

It is absurd. Science is always uncertain, even complex ones like climate change.

Overconfidence can have devastating consequences. While the UN originally wanted equal funding for mitigation and adaptation, it is now what is happening.

This is a clear sign of an imbalance. This includes politicians who want to raise taxes and control their citizens as well as carbon traders and energy firms and one-world government advocates.

Many adaptation efforts fail to reach their primary goals due to the limited scale needed for “boots-on-ground” approaches.

Our mistake is relying upon a flawed hypothesis about climate change and being influenced strongly by powerful vested interests. This means we are allowing people today to suffer in order to help other people.

Soon, the public will see the climate crusade as flawed and the current environmental movement as seriously flawed. This scenario should worry sensible environmentalists more that the future climate.