Biden Gets Ignored at Summit, Takes Swipe at Media, and Falls to His Lowest Numbers Yet

Democrats want people to watch their Jan. 6-produced production, not the failed Joe Biden. Unfortunately, the failures of Joe Biden are having a greater impact on the lives of people than the drama made for TV.

Biden is currently at the Summit of the Americas. It has not been going as planned. Some countries have blown Joe Biden away at an event meant to promote unity and neighborliness, and they didn’t even show up. This includes Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries, to which we will be donating $1.9 billion. They don’t want to come even though we’re giving them tons of money. Brett Bruen, the ex-Obama global engagement director, pointed out that the event had been a “catastrophic success.” It’s great to have the adults back in control.

Joe Biden has changed this. America’s leader is being disrespected now by inferior heads of state, who instead listen to the interests of countries like Venezuela and Cuba. These countries are now confident that they can snub the president because they sense weakness in Washington. This is in contrast to 1994 when Cuba was excluded. Matthew Rooney, of the Bush Presidential Center, stated that the snub “sends an important political signal to Washington that the United States’ drawing power is less than it used to be.” This is more than just optics. It has real policy implications for America. A second caravan of migrants, with 15,000 people estimated to be its largest ever, is heading north. This is all happening while China’s Belt and Road Initiative expands to 22 Latin American nations, with Chinese investments totaling $17 billion and a 35% increase in trade.

Bizarrely, summit invitees are allowed to get away without being questioned. Biden will host Lopez Obrador at The White House in a month. It’s like giving a hall pass to a student who is late for class. America can’t restore its respect by accepting nations that turn their backs on us.

Biden showed us how attentive his neighbors were to him at the event by creating a striking image. He was looking for attention, but it wasn’t a good look.

Multiple people tried to engage Justin Trudeau, and some of the other leaders, but Biden did not seem to be engaged at an event where you would expect everyone to try to get the attention of the leader of America to promote their interests.

Then he invited the media to “swim in the pond.”

What? It’s not a very good look. We wouldn’t hear the end of this if President Donald Trump had done it. It will be downplayed by Biden if it is reported at all by the media outlets.

Is this helping his numbers? It hasn’t.

Biden was under 40% in several polls, but now he is at his lowest average polling.

RealClearPolitics reports that President Biden’s approval rating is 54.8 percent, and a record low 39.5 percent for his presidency as of Thursday. Two polls conducted in June have shown that a drop below 40 percent has occurred. Quinnipiac’s 6-3-6-06 poll shows Biden with a 35% approval rating and 56% disapproval rating. The other, an NPR/PBS/Marist poll (5/31-6/6) has Biden at 39% approval and 52 percent disapproval.

Americans are also pessimistic regarding the direction of the country’s future. Only 22 percent believe the United States is on the right track while 71.3 percent think America is on its way to disaster.

71% of Americans believe he is on the wrong track.

It seems that it just keeps getting worse. Talk more about Jan. 6 Democrats.